The Beauty of Having Stupid Bloggers

Before you start to lambast me for ‘ignoring’ my blog or start to asking questions with respect to where I have  been and how come I have ignored this blog for a long time? Please hold your fire, I might be able to give you any reasonable execuse or better still my excuses can fill… Read More »

If You Hear I’m Dead as a Blogger

Who wants to go to heaven? And obviously the entire class raised their hands except Little Jane who was weeping at the corner with her hands down. Mr. Smith gently walked to her to inquire more. So Little Jane, why are you crying? Little Jane looked at him and continued to weep the more. The… Read More »

Some Bloggers I have Grown to Hate

I have being weighing my options as to whether to accelerate or apply the brakes on this. I guess you might be wondering on what? I have decided to have hanged my blogging… I need to place the full stop before I’m lambasted with lots of questions and whys I can’t find answers to. I… Read More »

To Tag or not To Tag? That is a Million Dollar Question

Another month is here and I still wonder why they call it October. My plans for October have being put on hold and the best lesson this has taught me is never to trust anyone who wears trousers. Hahaha! On a more serious note, trust me on that. Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge… Read More »

Discipline Your Stubborn Alexa Rank

Of course you want a low alexa rank, so does everyone else, now it’s competition, you want to rank below 100,000 so does ever other blogger. In this kind of competition there are some things you can do that help in reducing your alexa ranking. But before we go futher let’s see why you need… Read More »

7 interesting Ways To Kill Your Blog

If I I should tell you that I know of 101 interesting ways you can kill your blog, will you believe? I am not an Arsene Winger though who according to Mourinho is a specialist in failure. That to me is indeed a huge word.All that I now hope is that my teams Real Madrid… Read More »