5 Good Reasons why you will keep Failing as a BloggerHas it ever occurred to you why you will keep on failing as a blogger? I always say this; the easiest thing to do in this current world of ours is becoming a blogger. After all, all that you need is a wordpress and they even thank you for using their service instead of us doing the thanking you. Hahaha!

But the disappointment which creeps in and the number of bloggers who are hit with FAILURE which sends them packing without extending any regards to us makes one wonder. I tried visiting my old folks whom I verily well knew them as bloggers but visiting their blogs now directs to a parking service just like that.

But you know what, today’s post is all about 5 good reasons why you will keep failing as a blogger and as always the post wouldn’t of course be complete without telling you what my good friend Little Johnny is going through.
For those who don’t know Little Johnny, he is that good friend of mine who always finds himself in one mischievous act or the other and today is of no exception.

The President with his Deputy and Little Johnny and a former Miss World, were travelling in a train.
The train suddenly goes through a tunnel and it got completely dark. Suddenly, there was a kissing sound and then a slap! The train came out of the tunnel.

The deputy and Little Johnny were sitting down looking perplexed. The President had bent over holding his face, which was red from an apparent slap. All of them remained diplomatic and nobody said anything.

The Deputy was thinking; “These men are all crazily after the Miss World. The President must have tried to kiss her in the tunnel. Very proper that she slapped him.”

Miss World was thinking: “The President must have moved to kiss me, and kissed Little Johnny instead and got slapped.”

The President was thinking; “Damn it, Little Johnny must have tried to kiss Miss World and she thought it was me and slapped me.”

Little Johnny was thinking; “If this train goes through another tunnel, I would make another kissing sound and slap the President again.”

Hahaha! everyone had something to think about and I do hope this post will one way or the other make you think as well.

So what are the 5 good reasons why you will keep failing as a blogger?

1. Believing everything you Read

I don’t know how many times I have talked about this but the reality is; continuous repetition obviously enters the ears. We live in a world where everyone has his or her own perception to share.
Take for instance, Google and try searching for a single term. The truth of the matter is that millions of information pops up. Why is that the case? And it is simple; everyone has something to say about it so which one do you go in for?

I searched for ‘how to partition a hardisk’ today on Google and the funny thing was; numerous sites where telling me different options. So does this apply to blogging? We have various blogs telling you this whiles other blogs will be saying otherwise. So where do you go? I live you with that; the option is all yours and don’t forget believing everything you read and applying them might be disastrous.

2. You see blogging as a get rich scheme

Another good reason why you will keep failing as a blogger is when you see blogging as a get rich scheme. Another true revelation has to do with the fact many blogs are springing up each and every day simply because they read somewhere this blogger with this blog is making $$$$ every month.

Anytime you see a blogger flaunting with regards to the sort of money he makes every month, I will urge you to check how long that blogger has being blogging. Blogging money isn’t a get rich scheme and seeing it as such, there is the possibility of you hanging your blogging shoes in no time as a blogging player.

3. Writing everything under the sun

Furthermore, let me ask you this? What is your blog all about? A blog not having clear focus with respect to the sort of content it delivers is indeed good as dead. Some bloggers are like ‘Michael Jackson is dead’, visit that same blog again for entertainment and you’re likely to meet something like; ’10 top plugins’. How does that relate to entertainment?

Writing everything under the sun makes you and your blog boring and one thing which it will guarantee you is Failure. Please let your blog be known for one particular thing and stop hovering from this subject matter to that. Be focused and remember, one  way to fail as a blogger is writing everything the sun.

4. Thinking of Short Term

If you are only concerned with short term benefit, you will quit too soon from blogging. The most successful bloggers today are those who have patiently groomed their blog with their mind set on the future benefits. So, it took some them an average of five years to start reaping meaningful benefits from their blog. So, if you put in your best now in view of the harvest of the future, you will become a renowned and successful blogger eventually.

Your blogging aim should be that of a long term filled with continuous consistency and quality. Have a short term goal and blogging will disappoint you at the end.

5. You’re Afraid to Monetize

How do you plan to make money from your blog when you’re afraid to monetize? I just don’t get it; many bloggers are scared of placing banners on their blogs simply because they are scarred of what others will say.

So far as you have delivered quality, why should you be afraid to monetize it? Don’t forget it is the money that will be use to settle the hosting bills and renewals.

Your Turn

What do you make of this? Your thought by way of comment is very well welcomed.


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Has it ever occurred to you why you will keep on failing as a blogger? I always say this; the easiest thing to do in this current world of ours is becoming a blogger. After all, all that you need is a wordpress and they even thank you for...