You might be wondering how to stand out in the niche when there are tons of established bloggers out there.

You might be seeing many bloggers around you who are doing awesome in blogging, but you are still struggling to make your first dollar online.

Blogging has been changed tremendously in the recent years where new bloggers are emerging daily and trying their luck to succeed in online marketing.

But the point is, why few bloggers are creating fortune online and we are still trying hard and seeing no sign of success. We are spending more time than them but still not able to drive traffic on our blog.

When I started my career in 2011, I was totally a newbie.. A newbie who knew nothing.. I started my first blog on WordPress but I was totally unaware about its functionality and its features. But one thing which pushed me forward was my consistency and dedication to do something awesome in blogging. I tried various things to drive more people on my blog and then monetize it properly.

In first years everything was in hit and trial phase, but now things have changed completely.

In this article I am going to talk about few of the things which you as a newbie can take care and make your blog next big brand in very short time.

Note: Here I am not going to give you any magic wand which will do everything in short time. By short time here I mean is you will save your time which you might be wasting doing unnecessary or unwanted things.

#1. Learn keyword research

I know it might be little hard for you, but you will have to learn this if you really want to taste online success. For the first year I didn’t know anything about keyword research and kept on looking various other methods to drive traffic on my blog.

I after many things, finally I thought about giving SEO a try.

I started doing keyword research and found some hidden methods to rank my keywords. With my surprise I was able to drive 173,509 visitors on my 3 months old blog. This little practice gave me confidence to do more keyword research and I started creating successful blogs one after another.

So if you are still not doing keyword research then start doing it now. Keyword research is the very first step to find what people are searching and in which volume they are searching. One right keyword can bring tons of traffic on your blog. If you don’t know how to do this then you can read my niche blogging series where I have shareds few of the best tips related to SEO.

#2. Improve writing

People visit your blog because they want to get something new, something which they can understand easily and implement in their life.

If you fail to deliver your message in simple way then you actually failed to deliver your message.

My schooling was not very good so I always lacked in English. I knew where I was lacking, so I joined some English classes (I am still improving) to improve my English, because here we are going to deliver our message in English only.

If you think then you are lacking somewhere then start honing your skills.

Start reading great blogs like CopyBlogger, Boost Blog Traffic and Men With Pens.

These blogs will help you to understand the psychology of readers and you will be able to serve better content.

#3. Write long posts

Gone are the days when people used to read 300 words article and Google used to rank them high in SERP.

If you are in blogging since 5-6 months then you must have heard that Google keep launching various algorithm updates to make their search algorithm better. They keep making changes in their algorithms to serve best content in the industry to end users.

So writing long posts is the best ways to enjoy safer side and make your blog posts more engaging.

Bounce rate is such a factor which calculate the amount of time a user spent on your blog. Higher the time people spend on your blog, lower the bounce rate. Ideally it must be low. So long article will let them stay on your blog for longer time which will ultimately help your blog to do better in SEO.

#4. Make relations

I don’t know how many times I have said this.

If you are a newbie then I can bet that you are doing one of the biggest mistakes.

What is the mistake?

You are not sharing other people’s content and not appreciating them.

If you are not sharing, you might be questioning, “Why should I share his/her content when on the same time I can share my own and drive visitors on my blog?”

Your question is obvious.

But this blogging industry don’t run with this mindset.

If you are not sharing other people’s content then you are just failing to open more doors of blogging relations.

#5. Management

This is one of the biggest problem we face when we are sitting online.

We want to do everything, because we don’t want to waste even a single second of our life doing nothing to make money online.

So we keep trying various things at the same.

We think about completing an SEO course by a great industry expert but then soon we start reading another blog and then forget what we were actually doing.

This is a very genuine problem and we all have it.

If you are one of those guys then start managing your tasks today.

Personally I use Google docs and Evernote app to manage everything. If I am doing any course then I will put it in my to-do list and after ticking it finished move to next task.

I used to jump from one thing to another but soon I found the problem and started paying attention toward them. Most of my time was getting wasted in trying various things.. But I was not getting results.

So I started using some great management tools and now I know what I am going to do today.

Wrapping up

I personally lacked in all the skills I mentioned above but with time I figured them out and started improving them. If you are one of the newbies who still not able to make money online then it’s for you to start working on the things I mentioned above.

You might be already good in one or two things but mastering them all will give you fruitful results in future and you will take your blog at new heights.

Feel free to ask your questions in comment section so that I can make this article more awesome by adding more value with your awesome comments.

Kulwant Nagiblogging
You might be wondering how to stand out in the niche when there are tons of established bloggers out there. You might be seeing many bloggers around you who are doing awesome in blogging, but you are still struggling to make your first dollar online. Blogging has been changed tremendously in...