Another way Blogging can kill you Fast

I have seen several ‘deaths’ from the day I ventured into blogging. ‘Deaths’ has obviously has whisked soo many brilliant bloggers in this blogosphere and their trace are no longer found.

I quite remember I have written such a similar post before but today’s post is simply dedicated to one particular thing which has killed and continuous to kill these current crops of bloggers but you know what?

This post will as usual will not be complete without telling you what has happened to my good friend Little Johnny.

One day, Death came to visit Little Johnny and said, ‘Little Johnny, today is your day!!!

Little Johnny replied: “But I’m not ready to die.

“Then Death said…. “Well there’s nothing I can do because your name is the next one on the list.

Little Johnny said: “Okay why don’t you take a seat and I’ll get you something to eat before we go?

Then Death said: “All right”

The guy gave Death some food with sleeping pills in it. Death finished eating and fell into a deep sleep.

Little Johnny therefore took the list and removed his name from the top of the list and put into the bottom of the list.

When Death woke up, he said Little Johnny ‘hmmmm well because you have been so very good to me, I will start at the bottom of the list.

Hahaha! If you were in the shoes of Little Johnny, what were you going to do? Anyway, let Little Johnny find his way round his own business as we move back to business as usual here.

So what other way can blogging kill you fast? One of the notorious ways blogging has killed many as bloggers is the love for money. The love of money they say is the root of all evil and blogging is of course of no exception.

There has being soo many blogs which never saw the day of light simply because those bloggers behind it were very much interested in the monetary aspect of blogging or better still ventured into it simply because they heard one or two names making money through blogging.

Venturing into blogging because of the monetary aspect, then I can assure you that you’re likely to die fast as a blogger with no one to cry at your funeral. I know there has being a lot talk on this so please let me just hold my peace. You decide!

Let me move to business as well. The post entitled, ‘Another way blogging can you fast’ and that is what I want to stick with. What other way? My first point was just by the way.

I think one way blogging can kill you fast is when you compare yourself with others. To me, this is another way to kill yourself fast as a blogger. My good friend, this time not Little Johnny but instead the man Mr. Nosa Ero Nosa with Techrez once updated his timeline with respect how come people are copying his contents and with others wanting their blogs to like his.

The internet has over a billion users so the question therefore is, why don’t you become unique in your own way instead of comparing yourself with others?

Others are simply obsessed with the success of other bloggers they just want to be like them or beat them especially when it comes to alexa. Why compare your alexa ranking with someone else when you don’t even know what goes into it but one thing you must understand is that it doesn’t necessary translate proportionally to success.

Your Turn

Another way blogging can kill you fast is when you compare yourself with others and so please make it a point to check that. It is now your turn and what you make of this post matters a lot to me. You can have your say by commenting below.

Your thoughts are very well welcomed!

42 thoughts on “Another way Blogging can kill you Fast

  1. Nosa Ero Nosa

    Hello Kabie,

    This is an excellent post I have to admit. Let me start off by saying Little Johnny is really hilarious… All of his episodes are funny as ever.

    I was surprise to see my name in your article and you neatly explained the cycle in the blogging ecosystem. Most bloggers out there think copying someone’s success is the recipe for successes, but that’s actually the pathway to failure and disgrace.

    I was really frustrated when I made that update on my timeline, the point is this; there are no meaningless details in any top blogger’s blog and when you copy everything, including his navigation menu, you could get lost in cloud.

    Let me quickly share one of my most favorable quotes here..

    “It is necessary to keep an open eye on your competitors and equally try to grow your blog, but you don’t have to get obsessed with their success story to the point that you begin to mimic everything they do.

    You are your own blog, you are what you think. You are yourself, everyone else is already taken. Don’t sacrifice it to be like someone else, because there is someone out there who just loves what you are doing. You only need one more step to hit your milestone. -Nosa”

    That’s about it, failure in the blogging ecosystem is always attributed to lack of vision. A vision is a mental picture of a future that one aspires for. If one has no vision for his blog, then his blog simply has no future and that quickly crystallizes a downward spiral.

    Do have a nice day buddy, and I hope this wasn’t another blog post.. Hahaha!

    Best Regards
    Nosa Ero Nosa recently posted…Google Is Doing Something Terrific For WomenMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Is this the continuation of the post? Hahaha! That was indeed a long and a meaningful comment and I am really grateful for that.

      What is your quote once again? “It is necessary to keep an open eye on your competitors and equally try to grow your blog, but you don’t have to get obsessed with their success story to the point that you begin to mimic everything they do.”

      I love that and I totally do agree with you.

  2. Prince Molak

    Nice post bro,but to me,the lack of money is the root of all evil not the love for it.Morealso,i see nothing bad in people starting up a blog solely because they wanna make money it,it will boost there morale and make them put more time into it

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hahaha! I somehow do agree with you but what are you going to do when the money doesn’t come at the end within the shortest possible time?

      Quitting will become the option but don’t forget quitters never win and winners never quit!

  3. Kuldeep

    Nice share Emmanuel,
    One shouldn’t compare himself/herself with other. We all are gifted with different talents and skill instead of comparing with others we should utilize our own skills in well manner.
    Kuldeep recently posted…Friendship Day HistoryMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Yeah Kuldeep, that is the exact point I intend to carry across.

      Thanks for your comment as well.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Thanks as well Madam Neamat for your comment and do have a great week.

  4. Ahmed Salifou Amidou

    Poor little Johnny !

    Emmanuel, you are right but as Prince Molak said, it normal, you can’t work without expecting money out of it.
    “But as far as I am concerned, I believe having your own Technic of making money will help you keep making money for long time”.

    I particularly like this post because, it is the word of two serious bloggers we have here (for now): Emmannuel and Nosa Ero Nosa.

    Thanks Nosa for your contribution too; by the way I have just discovered your blog and it is a great job.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hello Ahmed,

      In as much as money should be expected at the end, one has to understand that it will only come only when quality is delivered at the end.

      Thanks as well for your comment.

  5. Augustus

    Hi, Emmanuel.
    I once read somewhere that a big fraction of blog dies before clocking six month old, the problem with some bloggers (newbies mostly) is because they want to be successful overnight, they read about a guy making hundreds of dollar everyday, and they want to be like him, so they get a domain name naively, work on the blog for a week and they get bored after all.

    It’s important to be dedicated, and stay focused, understanding how big the blogosphere is and how to navigate the water to be a successful blogger.

    Great share, enjoy your weekend
    Augustus recently posted…Can You Make Money Blogging? Not When You Blog About Your Passion.My Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hi Augustus,

      Of course many blogs don’t live to see the one year mark simply because they wanted success overnight which of course shouldn’t have of course being the case.

      Thanks as well for your comment and do have a great week as well.

  6. Yippee Daniel

    They say God things attracts. I think Techrez is unlike the usual tech blogs. Infact i need to copy his styles plus the navigation bar. What does that entail? it simply means am lost in the sphere if i can’t blog different and shine different then why am i called bloody blogger?. Why copy Nosa’s thoughts when i can makes mine rises overs his?.I believe the secret to getting ahead in blogging is not seeking attention and being different in a tight box.
    Yippee Daniel recently posted…Resilience training – take it to live life properlyMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Yeah Danny,

      Copying what others have already done is more or less like being a counterfeit and one thing is for sure, counterfeits don’t last.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      That is exactly the point I intend you carry across Robin.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great week.

  7. Akaahan Terungwa

    Deep insight, Emmanuel,

    Sometimes, I sincerely wonder what people gain by trying to copy each other. Everyman has got a destiny and a genius to deal with. Why become second best by relegating that supreme genius in the background? Man indeed suffers for want of knowledge!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…THE BENEFITS OF BLOGGING DAILYMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hahaha! Man indeed suffers for lack of knowledge. I love that!

      Do have a great week bro!

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hahaha! Rahul, what is the meaning of ‘Kweel’?

  8. charmin

    Once again you rocks with great post kabenlah.
    Now i suggest you to change the name and age of little johnny 😛 .

    Any way great post.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hahaha! Thanks for your comment and for your advice with respect to Little Johnny.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Do have a splendid day as well bro and thanks as well for your comment.

  9. RC Organo Jr

    Hi Emmanuel,

    I love how you made your analogy to point out some important things and essence of blogging. Blogging needs real hard work if you want to achieve something and I agree that money should not be the first and primary concern of the blogger. There are so many new things happening in the world that each users wanted to know so uniqueness is one of the keys. By the way, your approach is unique!
    RC Organo Jr recently posted…TSA Airport Security Electronic Devices Will Undergo InspectionMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hi Organo,

      Thanks as well and I do love the approach to your comment as well. will be expecting you around more often.

  10. Ravi Chahar

    Hi Emmanuel,

    You brought such a wonderful point.
    Most of bloggers have their love for making money from their blog but when they fail to do that then it’s the death of their blogging career.

    Is money the only concern for bloggers?
    Blogging can kill you if you persuade it do that.

    Thanks for the share.

    Have a great day.:)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…Simple Steps To Install WordPress Plugins For BeginnersMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hi Ravi,

      That is it. Pursuing money will at the end kill every blogger.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great day as well.

  11. Sayantan Mahato

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Most of the bloggers are dying these days simply due to comparison.

    They start blogging with passion, but after a few weeks, they start comparing themselves with the professional bloggers. But, they forget the fact that the professional bloggers at that time haven’t had taste the success.

    Thanks for the valuable tips,
    Sayantan Mahato recently posted…6 Brain-Dead Simple but Astonishingly Effective Strategies to Get Massive TrafficMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hi Sayantan,

      Yeah, they always forget those professional bloggers had come a long way.

      Thanks for your comment as well.

  12. Sunday

    Yes Emmanuel, comparing ourselves with other bloggers is trigger for death. We should learn from others instead of copying them ‘illegally’. This is panacea for death.

    Blogging needs originality. Most successful bloggers are those who have carved niche in creativity and originality. Hence, copying or comparing our role with others kill bloggers fast.

    By the way, the Little Johnny’s story about death visitor is hilarious and thought-provoking!

    I have shared this comment in where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hello Sunday,

      Creativity is what matters the most but just as you rightly reiterated forgoing is what has killed and continuous to kill many bloggers.

      Thanks as always for your comment.

  13. Amit kumar


    what’s a brilliant article Emmanuel. this article is showing your creativity and extra ordinary thought. As i have already told you that your article provide us the information, knowledge and smile on face while reading too.

    And this article is something like that. The conversation between Death and Little Johnny is the most interesting part of this article. I loved this short and sweet article.

    keep sharing and stay connected with us. I found this article on and become attracted to read full post. I really loved this post :)
    Amit kumar recently posted…Top Freelance Markets on the Web: Who Deserves Your TalentsMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hello Amit,

      Thanks as well for your thought provoking comments as well.

  14. Okto

    Hi Emmanuel,

    I often compare myself to other bloggers, and yes it can make me killed fast because it makes me forget to thanks for what I have reached this far.

    I think it is very natural to look what others have while we don’t. The point is, we have to remember that learning takes time, if we compare ourself now with five years back, we will realize many thing we have learned so far that makes us better person today than ever before.

    Great post my friend. Wish you have a great week.
    Okto recently posted…Top 6 Types of Website Contents Visitors LoveMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      I somehow do agree with you Okto. Thanks as well for your comment and do have a great day.

  15. metz

    Hello Emmanuel!

    In general, Blogging is a helpful strategy for people for their own dissimilar purposes. However, comparing your work, to other people or to other blogs isn’t advisable. Well, I understand we are human, and its nature, we are all different, yet we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others.

    An unknown author said that “Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.”

    In addition, we have to understand that.

    Nice share all in all!

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Thanks as well Madam Metz for adding your insights as well.

  16. Zubair Ismail

    Well for my case, I agree with all of your points here. Actually now a days, Blogging has become a way of living a good life and earning as much as bloggers can. The ultimate goal of the person behind starting a blog is no doubt, of making good income from it. So they start to put all of their efforts even continuously for many days and nights with out taking care of their proper diet, proper sleep and exercise. And that also becomes a way of their early death.
    Zubair Ismail recently posted…Webroot SecureAnyWhere Antivirus 2014 KeyCode Crack FullMy Profile


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