If there is one country which one envy’s a lot, it will be no other country than Nigeria. The Giants of Africa. In my country Ghana, the saying, ‘Everything is possible is Nigeria’ is predominantly popular here. Because the pace at which our Nigerian brothers go about doing their businesses here leaves a lot to be desire. Naija’s are really smart when it comes to business.

No wonder the first storey-building in my hometown was built by a Nigerian in the year 1919, 20 years before my great grandfather built his. The funny thing was that , my great grandfather and Teacher Sunday( the Nigerian) were all doing the same business but how come he succeeded faster than my grandfather? They were all shop keepers but there was something the Nigerian saw which I doubt most Ghanaian shop keepers couldn’t see.

Te reality was that, most of my hometown inhabitants were soo poor at that time they couldn’t afford to buy full match box just to light their fires. Teacher Sunday found and interesting way and capitalised on it by dividing those match sticks into small groups and selling it at a cheaper price where everyone could afford. Therefore all the locals found themselves at his store.

That was smartness.Even today, such smartness is still evident in Ghana where you find any Nigerian shop. Walk into Tip-Toe-Lane a popular area in Ghana where you’re likely to find most Nigerian stores and you’re likely to broker a deal with one Nigerian shop owner which will shock you.

Walk in there and you’re likely to find the world’s most expensive perfume in your shirt at a small fee if you can’t afford the full price. No wonder the richest black person in the world is a Nigerian. Aliko Dangote is the name. His Dangote cement is now the most preferred cement in Ghana toppling the reign Ghana Cement.

That is Naijas for you! Smartness for you!

So why all these lengthy talks? And I guess it all boils down to the fact how you too can monetize your images as well and that will be smartness!

Mine here are monetized so can yours be. Adding images to posts are something which are highly recommended. For they say, a picture has a thousand words to say but wouldn’t it be a good idea if those images of yours can bring in some cool $$? And that is what I want us to discuss. So what are the options available?


The word above really sounds strange and I am yet to find it meaning in the dictionary but it is one of those sites you can use to monetize your images. Imonomy is what I use. I hope many of you familiar with my blog always do find a related post when your cursor falls on those images in my posts. Yes, that is money! Hahaha!

Imonomy acts more or less like a related post widget or plugin but the  good thing is that you get paid for it. Another interesting about Imonomy is, they automatically add images to your posts when you don’t add one.

I have made some $$ with them and looking forward in making $$$ in the near future. So you see, when you think of making money online, don’t forget to monetize those images of yours with imonomy!


I think when it comes to image monetization, luminate is what is widely known. It is the most popular among many bloggers. I have tried it as well and it is of course worth the hype. So considering monetizing your images, you can go with it as well.

-Image Space Media

I think this is now be owned by Vibrant but that doesn’t mean they mean they have stopped doing what they do best. That is monetizing yiur images! As a newbie blogger somewhere in 2012 with my blogger blog, I was soo much into money to the extent that I was having more than 10 ads on my homepage alone from different ads providers and Image space media was of no exception. With ISM, you can choose the way and manner those ads should appear with the style which suites you the  most.

Your Turn.

As earning online is a matter of experiment, the power is yours.  What might work for you is likely not to work for me so obviously these are the three options I live you with.

Moreover the world would love to hear your experience with any of these of you have tried them already or still using them. Your thoughts and comments are very well welcomed.

So you see, Beware! my Images too are Monetzied.

Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoeblogging
If there is one country which one envy's a lot, it will be no other country than Nigeria. The Giants of Africa. In my country Ghana, the saying, 'Everything is possible is Nigeria' is predominantly popular here. Because the pace at which our Nigerian brothers go about doing their...