Deal or No Deal? You make $85+1 year Hosting whiles I make $65 just like that!

The world they say is a beautiful place and it is such beautiful I intend sharing with you. What is in this beautiful deal? wow! The deal was suppose to be a 50-50 deal in a of worth of $150 which of course had to be $75 for both parties involved but for your trust in me; I intend shedding off $10 from my share to yours. Hahaha!

This is how it goes. is being hosted on Ipage web hosting and obviously the best web host you can get. But there is more to it than just web hosting. Ipage pays $105 per referral but until recently saw a new dimension. The payout had changed from $105 t0 $150.And I am like wow!

So in short, this is how the deal works!

1.You buy an ipage web hosting through my affiliate link.

2.You get a free domain and a great quality web host

3.It is going cost you less than $50 for 2 years web hosting

4. You let me know and so you shoot me an email. My email adrress is

5.Don’t forget to add your paypal account

6.$85 will be remitted into your paypal account and that is $35 more profit just like that.

7.I keep $65 just like that!

8. Click on the affiliate link within this post only not the one on the sidebar. at the sidebar is displaying ipage ads as well.

9.Thank You

This of course will be my shortest post ever written in recent times. A deal is a deal and it is something which ought to be sweet and straightforward. No long things! Hahaha!

We should just let the game begin!