As the saying goes, faint heart never wins fair ladies so does that apply to guest posting . Guest posting is something for the strong at heart but that was something I failed to understand when I started blogging. Guest posting nearly caused my blogging life. At least it did (has) killed my quest for guest posting.

So those guys who want me to write or guest post on your blogs, I am about to reveal those reasons why I hardly response to such requests. I am more or less like a dead guest poster!

The reality is, there is a reason for everything and every deed and so do I have mine. If I remember very well, I wrote on 3 websites as a guest  blogger throughout the entire 2013. And the first was the one which nearly killed me. Hahaha!

As a newbie blogger, and with much enthusiasm in receiving all the world’s traffic, I embarked on means in acquiring those massive traffic and it happen that writing guest posts happened to be one of them.

Before I proceed further with respect to what happened at the end, I think it will be prudent to introduce Little Johnny in here. For those who might know my good friend Little Johnny, he is one my of friends who happens to find himself always in hot waters and today happens to be of no exception.

A group of men gathered at a church  conference  on how to live in a loving relationship with their wives. Little Johnny happened to be there as well.
The men were asked, “How many of you love your wife ?” All the men raised their hands. Then they were asked, “When was the last time you told your wife you love her ?” Some men answered today, some yesterday, majority didn’t remember.
The men were then told to take their cell phones and send the following text to their respective wives: ‘I love you, sweetheart.’
Then the men were told to exchange their phones so one can read the other wife’s reply
to the love message.
Here are some of the replies:
1. Have you impregnated someone again?
2. That was then, not now
3. You want to borrow money again?
4. What did you do again? I won’t forgive you this time.
5. Meaning?
6. Is that a new song?
7. Am I dreaming?
8. If you don’t tell me who this message is actually for, you will die today!- Little Johnny’s wife
9. U dis man!! I asked you to stop drinking.
10. Please who is this?
Hahaha! As Little Johnny and his friends have their own problems to solve at home, I also do have mine with guest posting. Na wa oo!
How did my issue with guest posting start? It all started when my first guest post was written and obviously submitted it to one of those great blogs in this blogposphere. to be precise.
I was shocked! My post was published the exact day and that obviously brought in smiles all over my face. What! how come Harsh published my post? So am I too good?
As a just wannabe blogger, I loved it to the max until comments started dropping in. This was the first comment!

ah, good post. Like the information overload aspect of the internet. Always so easy to chase the next “shiny object” over and over again. That will produce zero results and a lot of wasted time.

Again, good post….your post title is really great ….

Keep up the good work. From Stephen Malan.

I received a lot great comments and until these 2 comments came in.


I am surprised to see such posts on , the post isnt informative much and the title that pulls everybody’s attention has actually nothing relevant.- Paras Sharma

Is it just me, or does this article not tell us anything? I feel like the headline was put there for shock value only and then the post failed to even cover what the headline was about. A lot of rambling, without direction.- Annie

So you see irrespective of those great comments I received on my first guest post, these two comments killed me and nearly ended my blogging life.

So from that day onwards, I vowed to write only on my blog. Hence me being  hesitant in writing guest posts but I promise to change that perception  this year.

There is one thing I failed to realise, that not everyone will love you in this world. And that  transcends to blogging and your writing as well. I was newbie then and so please pardon me! Beware! Kabenlah will be knocking on your door requesting for guest post.

Your Turn!

What has being your experience with guest posting? It is your turn to take