What Happens to Your Blog when you Die?Have you ever thought of what happens to your blog if you’re finally no more? All of us here want to get to heaven and the one way visa to heaven is when you die. That is one true for sure but the issue of death sends chill down the spine of many.

It is rarely discussed but let us face the fact, are you going to live forever? I simply doubt that. The sixth feet grave is the final destinations for all mortals and after that, judgments. There seem to be all kinds of analogies towards the judgment as various religious groups have all sorts of meanings into it but as that is something which isn’t for discussion today, let them continue with those arguments.

The main thing on board is this; what happens to your blog when you die? Let me repeat myself once more, have you ever thought of it? Some might as well be asking me why this post?
I have being blogging for some time now. I don’t know whether to say this or not but I think it will be appropriate to link this to the post.

I have being blogging for some time now and to be honest with you, I have made lots of blogging paddies. During my early days of blogging, I thought all bloggers were all of my age but I was wrong. There are indeed married men and women in this blogosphere. I came across this 59 year old who was very grateful for me being the first person to comment on his blog.

He sent me a direct email and that was really heart touching. We became friends as usual but as time went on, forgot each other. I was shocked when I recently received an email from this guy who claims his father was Mr.….. and that his dad wants me to help him to continue with his blog.

He sent the email with his dad’s email address and that made me curious. But upon continuing reading of the email to the latter, it became evident that the man has passed on. He is no more.

May his soul rest in perfect peace. His blog has being willed to his son. What about yours? What happens to your blog when you finally pass away? Is your blog going to die with you as well?

Why not go the Darren Rowse of problogger.net whose blog is the main stay of his life. His blog feeds his family and so in order for his blog to continue to live even after his death; he has started training his daughter to fill his shoes.

Look at some of his arrangements in place for his daughter in case of anything;

  • Contact details for partners – I have a number of blog partners that would be able to help her navigate some of the logistics of managing my blogs
  • Contact details for trusted other bloggers – a few others who know enough to be useful
  • Passwords and Contact details for Advertising Programs and Affiliate Programs – to be able to access and manage income
  • Contact details of bloggers who work for me – a number of my blogs are written these days by others.
  • Contact details for web hosts – without these the blogs fall over and income disappears
  • Passwords for Paypal accounts
  • Backup details – for blogs and computers
  • Blog and hosting passwords – to give her (or those who help her) access
  • Instructions on what to do – a few notes on what I would suggest she does. Which blogs she could sell (and who could help her sell them), which to allow to run (and who to write on them), what my agreements are with different people etc

 I’m also going to give V some blog lessons in the coming months and be more intentional in talking to her about the day to day running of my work so that it isn’t a completely foreign thing to her

The question therefore is; how smart are you? Do have any plan in mind? Or maybe, you think you’re too young to die? I know I have being harsh but let face reality; don’t the green leaves and the brown leaves all fall from the tree? A word to the wise they say is enough. That was my favourite teacher’s quote and he is no more as well.

Your Turn

It is your turn to have your say as well. Let the world hear what you have to say by commenting below. What to you is your plan? Do you any at all? Or maybe just like many including myself before the realization of this is yet to find one.
What you make of this post is very well welcomed.

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Have you ever thought of what happens to your blog if you’re finally no more? All of us here want to get to heaven and the one way visa to heaven is when you die. That is one true for sure but the issue of death sends chill down...