It is really amazing how quickly time flies. Today marks another turning point in my life. God has mercifully added another year to my age and I am of course grateful for his mercies and favour upon my life.

Somewhere in the village of Azluti, I was conceived and born at Eikwe General Hospital. January 1, 1991 brought joy unto the faces of Grace Arthur (my mother) and Clement Kojo Amihere (my father) as their first-born was born.

That day being Tuesday, it was simply normal for me to be called Kabenlah as my father wasn’t interested in naming me after anyone.All males born on Tuesdays are called Kabie or Kabenlah and the females are called Abenah unless your parents decide to name you after a prominent person in the family or outside.

So in Ghana, you are likely to come across names like Kwame (Saturday), Kofi (Fridays) etc.

So Kabenlah is my real name and that is what most people call me by. It is my household name for that matter!

There was one popular gospel song reigning during those days entitled ‘Emmanuel’. According to my mother, that was her favourite song and so naturally she decided to name me ‘Emmanuel’.  My father’s surname is Amihere so as to where I got the name Cudjoe from, I think it will be prudent to leave it here for some other time and talk about it some other time.

And to all those who wished a Happy Birthday, I thank you all and do pray for God’s favour upon your life. Thank you very much. I am much grateful!

Now back to the newbie blogger. My red letter to the newbie blogger! I am convinced 2014 is going to bring in another bunch of bloggers. I am 100% sure that many had resolutions in starting a blog in 2014.

If that is the case, read my letter to the newbie blogger.

Dear Newbie Blogger,

The name here is Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe from some unknown location in Ghana but has created a world for myself in this world of internet. is the name of my world in this blogosphere.

There question which mostly pops up is this, who is a newbie blogger?

Please give me a break. I have seen someone who has being online for more than 5 years but yet still lacks the requisite skills of being classified as a pro-blogger. That is no joke! So you see, you can be online for soo many years and still be considered as a newbie even in 2014 or 2050 to come.

Talking of jokes, why don’t I cut this cross  in? One friend of mine known as Little Johnny started one joke which at the end turned out to be an expensive joke though!

Little Johnny was a hard worker. Due to his hard working attitude, he was invited for an interview in one reputable oil company and check out what happened.

INTERVIEWER: What is your current pay at Shell and what are you looking at with Champion Oil?

LITTLE JOHNNY: $9m per annum plus medical and other benefits.  Considering the position here in Champion Oil, I’d be looking at $20-22m per annum, a status car, overseas vacation and medicals.

INTERVIEWER: Today is your lucky day!  The position comes with $35m per annum salary. 2014 Range Rover Sport as official car, Mercedes Benz S65 AMG as status cars, overseas medical treatment.

A fully furnished house here in London, health insurance for your wife and children, 2 houses to be built for you in any town of your choice and in your village, annual overseas vacation for you and your family fully-paid first class, $2m wardrobe allowance per annum, cook, steward and 2 drivers, country club membership, and you’re entitled to keep all that the company gives you if you put in just 3 years of service…

Little Johnny: (in bewildered excitement) HAHAHA!!!! Sir, you must be joking!!!

INTERVIEWER: Of course I’m joking! Were you not the one that started it?

Hahaha! That was an expensive joke there! Little Johnny, you see the reason I always tell you to be speaking the truth?Anyway, this letter isn’t for you but rather for newbie bloggers like you and me. Why this long letter just for newbie bloggers?

Blogging is what many of us have decided to involve us in our quest in making some quick money but that is far from the truth. I hope you can testify to that.

Making money as a blogger isn’t a get quick scheme but rather involves a lot of perseverance and several trial and error because what is likely to work for Blogger A will not be likely to work with Blogger B. So you see, you taking the oath in becoming a blogger doesn’t necessary guarantee you that ‘bumfa’ money.

That is the first point I want to carry across and something we newbie should be remember. The money aspect will come after the hard work and working smart.

Another point we ought to remember is the fact not all that glitters is gold. It is indeed funny how newbies seek after all those glory when in fact things have to be analysed in the right perspectives. For all that glitters might not be gold. Look at things from the right perspectives before it becomes too late.

As a newbie blogger, you’re likely to fall into the temptations of trying all means possible in driving traffic to your blog. Going in for all those shiny websites which promises to deliver  all those robotic traffic will do you more harm than good.

Another thing we newbie bloggers need to pay attention is content. The courage to hit the publish button has eluded most of us. Feeling our contents aren’t good enough is what most newbie bloggers find themselves between the line. Feel free to hit the publish button without downplaying your abilities. That is the most important thing to succeed as a blogger.

Don’t forget to keep your blog’s posts promotion in mind. Doing business without advertising is like standing in the dark and winking at a lady. You know what you are doing but what about her? Promoting those posts of yours should be a primary focus.  After all who is going to do that for you other than yourself?

To be honest with you, the longer a letter becomes, the more boring it becomes so I think it will be prudent to put in the fullstop here whiles you take over this by commenting below.

Greetings to you and all newbie bloggers like myself. Hahaha!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                                                                                             Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe


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It is really amazing how quickly time flies. Today marks another turning point in my life. God has mercifully added another year to my age and I am of course grateful for his mercies and favour upon my life. Somewhere in the village of Azluti, I was conceived and born...