Hard Lessons Blogging has Taught Me

If there is one thing in this world which can teach you really hard lessons; then if blogging don’t top the list, it will be among the tough 5.

Being a blogger is something easy to do but continuing blogging isn’t something for all. This I can tell you on authority. Not everyone can make it as a blogger but everyone with a blog can be called a blogger. Hahaha!

I know that might sound contradictory but let face it, where are all those bloggers bundling around during the beginning of the year? Obviously there are no where to be found in this blogging scenes of ours. I for instance have come across many of these personalities who ‘died’ as bloggers before their domain names and web hosting even expired.

What are some of the hard lessons blogging has taught me? That is what is on board and obviously the post wouldn’t be complete without telling you what is going on the life of Little Johnny as a teacher.

One  Monday morning, Mr. Tinko, an inspector from the Ministry of Education paid a surprise visit to Teacher Little Johnny English class and engaged the students. 

Mr. Tinko: Show me what your teacher has taught you so far this year. Let’s do some comparisons. So I say small, you say small, smaller, smallest…

The students nodded.

 Mr. Tinko: big

Little Johnny’s Class: big, bigger, biggest

Mr. Tinko: clean

Little Johnny’s Class: clean, cleaner, cleanest.

Mr. Tinko: tall…

Little Johnny’s Class: tall, taller, tallest

Mr. Tinko: Mr. Tinko smiled and said: very good

Little Johnny’s Class: very good, very gooder, very goodest

Mr. Tinko: oh gosh.

Little Johnny’s Class: oh gosh, oh gosher, oh goshest

Mr. Tinko: stop it now

Little Johnny’s Class: stop it now, stop it nower, stop it nowest…

Mr. Tinko: oh please…

Little Johnny’s Class: oh please, oh pleaser, oh pleasest…

Mr. Tinko: look at me…!!

Little Johnny’s Class: look at me, look at me-er, look at me-est

Mr. Tinko: what a disgrace!

Little Johnny’s Class: what a disgrace, what a disgracer,what a disgracest

Mr. Tinko: [so furious]: I’m dead

Little Johnny’s Class: I’m dead,. I’m deader, I’m deadest

Hahaha!  Mr. Tinko, you aren’t dead yet until you read these. Some of the hard lessons blogging has taught me and continues to teach me.

1. Hard work and working smart can’t be taken for guaranteed

If there is one thing continuous blogging has taught me, it has to do with hard work. The more you work hard; it seems the luckier you become as a blogger.

Hard work is what is needed the most when it comes to blogging but you need to be smart. How smart you are as blogger is what is likely to determine your fate as blogger. These are two factors which obviously matters the most when it comes to succeeding as a blogger. These can’t be taken for granted.

2.  It is a lonely business with virtual friends

Another thing about blog is that; it is indeed really a lonely thing one could find his or herself in. The best you can get are virtual friends. Getting to share your pains and frustrations with friends are really difficult as a blogger.

You suffer alone and there seem to be no one to look up to even when you’re in some sort of distress be it financial or emotional stress.

3. Sweet Words can Kill You

Many wonder why I refer to anyone I chat with as ‘boss’ be it an individual who just started blogging yesterday or someone who started yester-years.

What kills most bloggers is the ability of not able to handle that moment when the praises start to pour in. I for instance have received several messages telling me how good I am as a writer but I don’t allow those sweet words to enter me as I know they can kill me as a blogger.

If there is one lesson blogging has taught me really well, it had to be; being careful with words which contain sweet elements. Be wary of them as well. It might make you feel that you’ve gotten there already when in reality, you’ve just started.

Your Turn

What to you are some of the hard lessons blogging has taught you as a blogger? Your thoughts are very well welcomed by means of comment. You can do so by commenting below. I have had my say, what is yours?