realThe post for today I do hope you know  has to do with the fact that how smart are you as a blogger. Are you really smart in this blogosphere? Everyone of late claims to be a top notch blogger.

With the likes of blogspot and wordpress, everyone can be known as a blogger in no time. All that you need is a registration which takes less than 5 minutes and there you have yourself as a blogger but the question I want you to answer is this, are you smart as a blogger?

Just before we move on to the issues on board, let me reiterate the point that with, we look at the world through the eyes of others but it appears I have being looking at the world of late through my own eyes but today is of an exception as I intend to look at the world through the eyes of one of  my bosses I met when I started as a blogger. And he is nobody other the man named Mr. Suresh Khanal of

I guess some of you might be wondering what might have happened to my friend Little Johnny. The good news is that his father just bought a brand new range rover but just relax and see what happened between him and his elder brother Big Johnny.

Little Johnny’s father just just bought a range rover so Little Johnny’s  elder brother struck a deal with Little Johnny.

He told Little Johnny to call him on phone when nobody is at home so that he’ll come and take the car out to show off to his friends.

When nobody was at home, Little Johnny called him on phone; ‘Hello Big Johnny, nobody is at home. You can come and take Daddy’s car out.’

The elder brother said okay.
And rushed back home from where he was.
He got home and was shocked to see the gate locked.

He called Little Johnny on phone; ‘Hello Little Johnny, I am now at home to take the car out as planned. Why is the gate locked?.

Little Johnny replied; Were you not the one who told me to call you to come and take the car out when nobody is at home. Mummy and Daddy are not at home. I am not at home too.

Hahaha! and as usual, let move back to business as usual and discuss what’s on board with respect to how to be a smart blogger as well.

How smart are you with Images?

Being a smart as a blogger boils down as well with respect to the images you use. One thing is clear, they compensate a lot when posts are short. Or better still haven’t you heard this quote with respect to a picture has thousand words to say?

Many beginning bloggers consider images as decorations – an ornament you can have if you can afford. But in reality, pictures speaks much louder. They always have rapid speech.

Images attract readers and improves readership. When your images complement the text, you can express feelings and more complicated concepts in your posts.

What is social media for you?

Smartness lies in efficient use of right tools. Social media has become so prominent that you can’t ignore it anymore. But, the problem with social networks is that they demand your huge time. They are really sticky and many newbies find themselves wasting much of their time around the glamour encircled.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the ones with largest member base offering you various features. You should be smart enough to pick the right networks and the right services in them.

No matter what networks you choose, what services you apply, you need to make sure that you are getting enough in return. Learning to use those networks for the benefits of your blog truly determines how fast you can establish your brand and gain sufficient exposure.

I notice many bloggers vomiting out the links everywhere, each and every moment. Simply planting links may not offer you expected readership. You should attempt one big leap. Try to connect to the people and services there. Try to solve their problems. Make friends and build relationship. Submitting only links won’t make you authority but rather a cheap spammer.

Use social media network in order to assist your readers in following you. It can strengthen your connections with your readers. Offer them opportunity to get more content  from you. Take social network as a great way to reach more people.

Are comments welcomed?

Comments give life to your blog. It shows your blog is active and proves that your words are not falling in deaf ears.

I wonder to see some blogs disable comment forms and some are using truly irritating comment systems that requires readers to register or enter some none-sense captchas.

In you are in WordPress, use WordPress’ native comment system powered by CommentLuv is a great thing . This will ease your readers to leave comment on your blog and ease you to moderate and fight against spams.

It is always a good idea to notify the commenters when their comments are replied but equally bad when they are flooded with emails for each and every comments dropped in a particular post.

Offer value in comment reply. Don’t just say “Thank you for the comment”. You need to try to open discussion through comments and replies, not closing the discourse. Make your readers to visit your post again and respond your replies. If you are skillful, you can make comment section more interesting and worthy even than the post itself.

With effective use of comment system, you can establish your readers as members of your community and can be a good place to develop relationship with them. If you regularly reply to reader’s comment, they will feel valued and return to see if their queries are replied.

What is your patience level?

Creating an account in Blogspot, copy and paste some articles from Wikipedia, post some videos from YouTube and then apply for Adsense. What could be more of a rubbish!

Blogging is not a “get-rich-quick” program. It requires dedication, consistency and departing value to readers. Thus, patience is true key to blogging success.

“I’m blogging for 6 months and Google did not approve my Adsense application. What should I do?”

This is most common query I often get. I understand how hard they need money to keep up with blogging and Adsense is one of the attractive method for any blogger to monetize blogs. But, to utmost surprise, they’ve not yet read the Adsense TOS. Funny!

To cut it short, blogging success is achievable – just have some more patience.

When you start blogging on any topic and go on learning different aspects of it; keep sharing your related findings and views, you’ll very soon establish yourself as an authority. Because most of the people blogging on that niche quit after short time, if you are consistent for a couple of years, you’ll remain among very few people talking about the topic you are blogging on. You’ll find it much easier and comfortable as you grow older with your niche.

The question therefore is, how smart are you as a blogger? Share your view on this by commenting below.

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The post for today I do hope you know  has to do with the fact that how smart are you as a blogger. Are you really smart in this blogosphere? Everyone of late claims to be a top notch blogger. With the likes of blogspot and wordpress, everyone can be...