Lies, lies, lies these are indeed abound in this world. I once one read quote which went somehow like this, if one lie is told, an additional 7 lies are needed just to defend that particular lie.

This made me remember what happened to Little Johnny whiles we were in class.

Little Johnny  was caught red-handed by our principal writing ‘May God punish my principal’.

Principal: What nonsense are you writing? (about to Slap Little Johnny).

Little Johnny: Sir, I have not finished it.

Principal: (angry) What do you mean. You are abusing me and you say you have not finished. Are you mad?

Little Johnny: This is not what I wanted to write.

Principal: So what did you want to write?

Little Johnny: I wanted to write ‘May God punish my principal’s enemies’.

This is how smart Little Johnny defended himself some years back whiles we were in school. So in his quest to detect when lies are being told or not, he went to far away to China to purchase one particular robot which slaps anytime you tell a lie.

He decided to test it.

Little Johnny: Son, where were you today?

Son : At School. (Robot slaps son!) Ok, I lied, I went to the movies.

Little Johnny: Which one?

Son: Toy Story. (Robot slaps son again!)Ok, it was porn movie.

Little Johnny: What! When I was your age, I never watched such….Robot slaps Dad!

Mom : Haha! After all he’s your son. (Robot slaps mom!!)

Total silence…..

Hahaha! As total silence has set in the family of Little Johnny, I guess it will be prudent to concern ourselves with the reason behind this post.

Some interesting lies in this blogosphere is what we intend discussing. There have being soo many myths in this blogosphere and the lies in this blogosphere are more than abound.

#Lie number 1- You can only succeed with only a dot com.

There seems to be a growing menace at the rate dot coms are being sought after. Without a dot com, many do feel their blogs aren’t going to succeed but that is far from the truth. I do see blogging as a matter of branding and not how long or nice your domain sounds.

Blogging success all depends on not working hard but rather working smart as well. Depending on a dot com to succeed  is one of the greatest lies you could feed your brains with.

#Lie number 2- WordPress is a prestigious platform than

I know this will be an endless argument but please let face the fact, all of these platforms are indeed great but making it look as if wordpress is a better platform than blogger is indeed funny. Following such lie of course brought me to wordpress as if the fact that the likes of John Chow are using it will guarantee me an automatic success. I learnt all that I knew about blogging through and just like most bloggers, I followed one of those lies and moved to wordpress. I achieved more and learnt more through and I guess many bloggers including myself would have being far in this blogging world than where we currently find ourselves if one paid more attention to .hahaha!

#Lie number 3- Adsense is all that you need to make money

That is another interesting lie. Bloggers in general have being made to believe that in their quest to making online, Adsense is all that they need. But as I always put it, there is more to it. Adsense is one part of it but there is simply more.

The general believe that Adsense is what one needs in order to make money online makes me laugh. I strongly did believe in such lie myself. Therefore going in all out just to boast my Adsense but all of these resulted in nothing other than frustrations and lamentations.

Your Turn.

Let me apply the brakes here for you to take over. Those eyes of mine are already heavy and are yearning for some sleep. It is 1 am already and I think it will be better if you take over the discussion in telling us what you make and think of this post by commenting below.