I wonder what at all has being going on off late. The world Cup had just ended and obviously the argument still wades on. As to whether Messi deserved that golden ball or not, please just like opinions are like noses, everybody has one including myself as well. I think he deserved it. He was man of the man for 4 consecutive times.

And as to whether Africa needs to have their slots reduced or not in the world cup, I do think it will be a wise thing for FIFA to consider reducing the slots offered to African teams.

They are always there disgracing themselves. My country Ghana was there and the good thing they were able to offer was carrying to them more than $4.5 million in Rambo style to the players in Brazil. And again seeing our sportsman minister buying a common coconut in Brazil for $15 whiles it cost less than $0.2 here in Ghana to me was madness.

But all in all, the world cup was great. Seeing Brazil being thrashed 7 goals to 1 was a wonderful thing. There were all sorts of analogies before the Germany and Argentina finals. I clearly did here one man referring to himself as a numerologist who gave all sorts of interesting statements favouring the Germans to win the cup.

He went something like this; ‘Germany is made up of 7 letters and the qualified out their group with 7 points. They have 7 players who had scored prior to the finals and moreover we are in the 7th month. So there is no way Germany wasn’t going to win the cup’

As to whether everything he said was a coincidence or not, I think it will be prudent for us to let the World Cup issue lie and move back to business as usual.

Why the likes of Facebook will be begging for us to stay is of course the question on board? And you know what; I guess at this juncture, it will be better to let you know what my good friend Little Johnny is going through currently with his daughter.

His daughter just visited him and this was what ensued between him and her.

Daughter: Dad, I’m in love with a boy who is far away from me. I’m in Ghana and he lives in the UK. We met on a dating website, became friends on facebook, had long chats on whatsapp, proposed to each other on Skype, and now 2 months of relationship through viber, I need your blessings and good wishes daddy

Papa Little Johnny: Really! Then get married on twitter, have fun on tango. Buy your kids on e-bay, send them through Gmail. And if you are fed up with your husband…sell him on Olx

Hahaha! the world has indeed taken a new paradigm shift with everything moving the digital dimension now. The likes of Facebook have of course changed the way of socialization. Gone were the days as kids when we always had ways to go out to enjoy our ‘chaskele’ but kids of nowadays are now glued to their TV sets or always on the phone.

Back to business as usual, so how come the likes of Facebook will be begging as to stay? Have you ever thought of it why a big brand like Facebook will still be engaged in advertisement through the likes of Adsense and Infolinks? And obviously the answer is simple, they need more numbers.

Facebook has over 1 billion users but have you forgotten there are more than 7 billion people in the world? And it appears Facebook wants to catch their attention as well.

I once met one guy who was too eager to become a blogger and so whiles laying to him the steps in becoming a blogger, obviously the next question which came through was this, how do I make money?
I just looked at him straight into the eyes and asked him this; Are you on Facebook? Yes was his affirmative answer.

Does Facebook charge you when you use their platform? No, was his reply. Then the question therefore is simple; how does Facebook make money?

Yes, how do they make money? Facebook never charges anyone to use their platform but the funny thing, it is one of the richest website in the world and valued at more than $1 trillion.

So you see why the likes of Facebook will be begging for us to stay? They need as to sell their ads and of course that brings those revenues. So as simple as that, don’t be surprise when you see all those Facebook ads all over. Hahaha!