Today is yet another day in our lives but it seems to be a special day for our Indian friends. I logged on unto my Facebook account today and these types of messages were flying all over. What type of messages?

I am going to tell you soon but on a more serious note, let me ask you this; how long have you been pregnant with blogging? That is of course our topic for today.

We are now moving towards a new era and blogging seem to have taken the centre stage of every domain purchased. There are more than 300,000 domain names which are being registered each and every. Why are all these domain names being registered? And I guess your guess is as good as mine, they want to be part of the internet world. Being part of the internet world is a world which comes really easy. It is easy to set up and there is nothing like paying a monthly rent fee or whatsoever but instead renewing it every year at a small fee.

Please, before I delve in further with the discussion, I think it will be prudent to let you know what is going on in India and what my Indian friends on list are celebrating. Today seem to be a grand day in India and so to all my Indian friends, I say….

But before that, let me introduce you to my good friend Little Johnny who surprisingly had a 0% in his exam even though he believed he had answered all the questions rightly.
Take a look at the questions and the sort of answers my good friend delivered and make your judgment.

Q.1- In which battle did Tipu Sultan Die?

Ans. – In his Last Battle.

 Q.2- Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed?

Ans. – At the Bottom of the Page.

 Q.3- What is the Main Reason for Divorce?

Ans. – Marriage.

 Q.4- Ganga Flows in which State?

Ans. – Liquid State.

 Q.5- When was Mahatma Gandhi Born?

Ans. – On His Birthday.

 Q.6- How will you Distribute 8 Mangoes among 6 People?

Ans. – By Preparing Mango Juice.

Hahaha! On this note, I wish India a Happy Independence day. 

Now let move back to business as usual and let me ask you the question once again, how long have you been pregnant with blogging?

As I reiterated earlier, many blogs are being set up each and every day but the problem is; how many of these blogs see the day of light? I mean how of these bloggers behind these blogs make sure their blogs survives at the end.

Take someone like Darren Rowse of, he had been pregnant with blogging since 2002. Yes, he started his blog in 2002 and 12 years down the lane, he still continues to deliver quality for his blog and the most interesting thing has to do with the fact that; his blog now feeds him.

Blogging to me is more or less like carrying a pregnancy, it’s great knowing you’re pregnant (depending how the pregnancy came about though but in general it is really great) and so tend to go about telling the world how your womb has been blessed but as the months unfolds and the stress and signs of an expectant mother sets in, that is when the real experience begins.

And it is at that juncture which separate the ‘men’ from the ‘real men’. Many therefore end up having a ‘miscarriage’ with their blogs moving from this topic to that and at the end, there comes an end of an era.

I always say this; one place to be confused in this world is deciding to live the internet lifestyle or better put; it is deciding to becoming a blogger. Whiles this blog tells you this, there is another blog telling you something different so the question therefore is; which way do you go?

That is when being yourself comes in. The fact you’ve been told or read that this or that particular niche fetches lot of cash doesn’t in anyway mean you should direct your blog topics towards that when you don’t the requisite skills. That will of course give you some bitter ‘pregnancy’ experience with blogging and at the end give you miscarriage. HAHAHA!

Knowing what you want and deciding to stick to it is what matters most as a blogger is what matters the most even though you need to be taken advise but they ought to be discerning ones.

Your Turn

The question once again is; how long have you been pregnant with blogging and what has the experience been like all these while. Has it been a smooth journey so far or you’re still looking for the one responsible for your pregnancy? Hahaha! Let me know what you make of this post.

Your thought by way of comment is very well welcomed.

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Today is yet another day in our lives but it seems to be a special day for our Indian friends. I logged on unto my Facebook account today and these types of messages were flying all over. What type of messages?I am going to tell you soon but on...