Overcoming Jealousy as a Blogger

Come to think of it? Are you jealous as a blogger or jealous in general? Kabenlah is at it again and with kabenlah.com, we look at the world through the eyes of others and today is of no exception. We are going to look at the world through Steve Pavlina but you know this post wouldn’t be complete without telling you what Little Johnny who is a jealous husband found out about his wife.

LITTLE JOHNNY: My wife where are you?
WIFE: At home love.
LITTLE JOHNNY: Are you sure?
WIFE: Yes.
LITTLE JOHNNY: Turn on the blender.
WIFE: (turns blender on) reeereeeereeee
LITTLE JOHNNY: Ok my love, goodbye.

Another day

LITTLE JOHNNY:My wife where are you?
WIFE: At home love
LITTLE JOHNNY: Are you sure?
LITTLE JOHNNY: Turn on the blender
WIFE: (turns blender on) reeereeeereeee
LITTLE JOHNNY:: Ok my love goodbye

The next day, Little Johnny decides to come home without notice, and finds his son alone and he asked him son where is your mother?

SON: I don’t know, she went out with the blender.

Hahaha! Let move back to business as usual and I guess Little Johnny’s wife will have to come back and answer where she is coming back from with the blender.

Overcoming jealousy has been one of my most requested topics for new articles, but in the past I’ve always declined such requests because I don’t have much personal experience in this area.  I’m not prone to jealousy, so I can’t explain from personal experience how to overcome it.  Nevertheless, due to the demand for such an article, I’ll risk sharing my thoughts on it anyway.

In my opinion jealousy is a side-effect of a mindset that’s rooted in scarcity.  Jealousy is the emotion resulting from the notion that another person’s success or happiness somehow diminishes your own.  If you look at the world from the lens of abundance instead of scarcity, it’s very difficult to become jealous.

Why then worry about the successes if other bloggers when your blog has the right to succeed as well when the right mindsets are applied to it?

From my standpoint another person’s success and happiness is a very good thing.  You could even say that’s my purpose in running this site.  When the people around me are happy and fulfilled, they’ll naturally spread those feelings to others.  This is a situation to be desired, not avoided.

If you want one of the world’s jealous people in the world, you’re likely to come across a blogger. Hahaha! You have bloggers comparing Alexa ranks, pageranks, traffic and other stuffs and the next thing you see is them comparing with fellow bloggers and that is when jealousy set in.

They totally ignore how long the individual they are comparing themselves to have being online. But yet still you envy his success! That is  madness and will certainly not get you far.

How to Overcome Jealousy as a Blogger?

Just be yourself and stop comparing yourself with others as a blogger. That is the number one way to go. Going about and seeing the downfall of fellow blogs wouldn’t do you any good.

The downfall of Blogger Z doesn’t in anyway guarantee your blog’s success. Please keep that in mind!

Your Turn

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