Some Blogging Terms which Need to be Added to the Oxford Dictionary

Come to think of it. The word vuvuzela had finally being added to the Oxford dictionary after the 2010 World Cup which was held in South Africa.

As kids, we were made to believe anytime the Queen of England makes a mistake in a pronunciation of a certain word, it is deemed as a new word and added to the dictionary and the context in which it was made then makes up it definition.

Anyway, I am yet to find out whether that is true or not. But I have being wondering why such blogging terms aren’t found in the dictionary. I do know by now you will be wondering as well which words I might be referring to.

There is no doubt words like domain name, web hosting , blog etc are already there but there should be more which ought to added. Stay tuned and relax! Hahaha!

But you know what, it has being a while since I talked of my good friend Little Johnny in my posts. It is just that he is now married and as just as it is with all couples, they always argue.

Listen to the argument which was channel out between Mr.Little Johnny and Mrs. Little Johnny. And it was this, a man and a woman, who is the greatest?

Mrs. Little Johnny: Men are the head, but women are the neck. Without the neck, the head cannot stand. Men were created out of dust, but women were created out of flesh. And flesh is stronger than the dust. Finally, anything men do, a woman can do better, and in the life of any successful man there must be a woman.

Little Johnny: A woman is not complete without a man, because you cannot spell “woMan” without “Man”. You cannot spell “sHe” without “He”. Neither can you spell “Mrs.” without “Mr.”, nor “mAdam” without “Adam”. And why is it that we say “AMEN” in the church instead of “Awomen”?

Hahaha! Who do you think was more persuasive at the end? Do you agree with MRS. Johnny or MR. Johnny?

Now let move back to business as usual and as you already know, the issue on board is simple; some blogging terms and their meanings which needs to be added to the Oxford Dictionary.

And what are those terms?

  1. Harleenasinghment- Referring to a woman who loves blogging
  2. Kulwantnagigabyte-Referring to someone who loves blogging more than working in an office
  3. Suresh-Khanalis- Referring to someone who is really generous in blogging
  4. Nosasis- Referring to this  controversial guy who is strong at heart
  5. Sanuite- A blogger who always begs for comment. Hahaha!
  6. Harsh- Another name for an enthusiastic man
  7. Nirmalalogy- A branch for blogging
  8. Samueled- A term for grateful person in blogging
  9. Patflynning- Making money online
  10. Chowing- Another word for patflynning synonymous to making money online
  11. Akaahanist- someone strong at heart and believes in his own ideologist
  12. Mi-st- Always agrees with Kabenlah
  13. Ryaneller- A blogger who travels a lot
  14. Carology- A study of a woman blogging
  15. Oktomiasis- Someone who blogs in two different language on the same blog.
  16. Shiwanging- A pretty faced lady blogging with pen in hand
  17. Atisher- Someone who loves stuffs related to technology
  18. Lisa-com- A beautiful looking blogger filled with smiles
  19. Ali-health- Anyone with much interest in health related stuffs
  20. kabenlah-ism- I am yet to find a meaning to it!

I am not done yet. There is going to be more. There of course more names which ought to be added and I plan doing this once every month.

Don’t be surprise if your name wasn’t featured for there is obviously going to be part 2. And please those whose names but are somehow not happy, please pardon for that is how Kabenlah is. HAHAHA!

Your Turn

What do you make of the post? Can you think of any term as well which needs to be added to the Oxford dictionary as well? Let us hear you by commenting below.