Some Funny Things on and about Facebook

I have being on Facebook for quite a long time now  and obviously wasn’t there when it began but I could clearly state  I have being there for than six years and have had more than 4 different accounts.

One account came about when I was clueless about the internet. The other came about when I wanted to create a new one as I couldn’t remember my password for the former and the third came about because I couldn’t change my profile picture after I had used one of those flowers every computer had. Hahaha!

My fourth account and current one was created with the main idea of promoting my poetry blog to the outside world by linking more to foreigners than anything else and obviously it had achieved it aim.

Talking about Facebook and funny things about it and on it makes me remember Little Johnny once more. With Johnson Big wanting to know why his friend, Little Johnny was always on Facebook. This was what ensued.

Johnny Big: Little Johnny, why are you always on Facebook?

Little Johnny: I like Facebook and I’m always there for one thing. It’s the only place where you can like another man’s wife without getting slapped.

Big Johnny: So, what about Twitter,why are you always there too?

Little Johnny: Twitter is the only place you can follow another man’s wife for free! 

Little Johnny after some few minutes later updated his Facebook status, “Thank you lord, just got my salary”. He became sad when 10 seconds later, his landlord liked his status. 

Hahaha! Unlike me, Little Johnny was on Facebook for something really big and with him being on Twitter as well, I will urge you to be wary of your wives. Thank God, my ‘wife’ isn’t on Twitter or Facebook.

Let move back to business as usual. And with business as usual, I mean we need to talk on the issues on board and interestingly, it is all about some funny things on and about Facebook.

Some funny things ABOUT Facebook will be first!

People have lost their jobs through Facebook. If there is one funny thing about Facebook, it had to deal with the fact that you can lose your job through it. Many professionals have lost their jobs due to one silly update from their ends .Some Funny Things on and about Facebook Hahaha! Be very careful if you work for someone else otherwise you will be on your way through the exit door anytime your boss feels intimidated with any of your updates.

Another thing about is the fact that it can’t never make you rich. So one thing about Facebook is that it can leave you poor for life  and leave you in a fool’s paradise unless otherwise.

Many people think that by adding numerous people from different parts of the world can make them socially active. But they mostly don’t know that social life means to be practically and physically involved with other individuals and not with the help of cyber space.

There are many individuals who think that they don’t need to go out and make friends because they have 100’s of friends at Facebook, which is funny – as most of the friends at Facebook have fake ids. That is one thing about Facebook as well.

Some Funny Things on Facebook

Can you imagine some of those funny stuffs on Facebook? I still find it difficult to understand how on earth one will go ahead and like something like this. ‘There is an obituary notice and the most funny thing is that there is a like’. I see that as absurdity.

Updating your status with your fingernails is something I see as stupidity as well. What at all was going through your head? Hahaha!

Another funny thing on Facebook is having friends who will only say ‘hello’ only when they need you to like their page.  Why on earth will you have ‘friends’ on Facebook who are only interested in themselves?

Your Turn!

Please it is now your to take over the mantra now. What do you make of this? Moreover, what do you think are some of the funny things on and about Facebook?