Top 5 Blogging Women I wish all of them were my Wives and why?

Kabenlah is at it again. I guess that is what is likely to be going through your head. Yes, I am at it again and don’t forget here is one place where I write whatever I feel like I feel like irrespective of virtual slaps from their husbands. Hahaha!

Those who are interested into knowing what happened to the donation thing on this blog to help fellow bloggers, the balance sheet is $0.oo. No one donated but the usual  good initiative was seen all over! Hahaha! Please I do promise to push this a little  more further and will update you when there is a change in the balance sheet. But as it stands now, there is nothing in the coffers.

Now let move back to business as usual but you know, the post wouldn’t be complete without telling you what my good friend, Little Johnny is going through.

Talking of wishes and wives has made me remember my good friend, Little Johnny. Something happened when he and his wife found themselves at church one  Sunday morning;

A pastor announced,”If you know your wife is controlling you, move to the left”.

All the men in the church moved to the left except Little Johnny.

The pastor was amused and asked, “How come your wife can’t control you?”

Little Johnny quietly replied, “Pastor, it’s my wife who told me not to move”

Hahaha! and moreover, his wife is pregnant and guess what he found out from his friends;

The first guy said “When my wife was pregnant she read the novel: The Two Cities and gave birth to twins”.

The second guy said his wife read the Three Musketeers and gave birth to triplet.

Little Johnny, the third guy, stood up and started running home.  When asked why, he said “My wife is pregnant and she’s reading ‘Alibaba and the 40 thieves’!”

Hahaha! I think Little Johnny has a point in there. He wants no trouble again oo! How is going to contain 40 kids including Alibaba?

Back to business again as usual; the thing is; Top 5 Women I wish all of them were my Wives and why is the issue on board. The supreme word there is ‘wish’ and you know if wishes were horses, beggars will be riding the golden ones.

Who are these women bloggers?

1. Name: Madam Nirmala Santhakumar

  Blog  :

  Photo: Top 5 Blogging Women I wish all of them were my Wives and why?

Why I wish: She is one of the finest bloggers in this blogosphere with great blogging abilities.

2. Name: Madam Shiwnagi Shrivastava

    Blog :

    Photo: Shrivastava

Why I wish: As far as blogging on technology is concern, you can’t take her out and as a woman, she is a force to reckon with it.

3. Name: Adrienne Smith

    Blog :


Why I wish: Madam Adrienne is one person you can’t take as a joke in this world of blogging. She is a great personality in this world of blogging.

4. Name: Madam Harleena Singh

  Blog :

  Photo: Harleena-Singh-Pic

Why I wish: She is one personality I deem as the mother of blogging. She is always beaming with smiles as even her photo even bear witness to that.

5. Name: Madam Jane Sheeba

    Blog  :

   Photo :Top 5 Blogging Women I wish all of them were my Wives and why?

Why I wish: She is a pioneer as far as blogging is concern.

Your Turn

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