Top Ministers in this Blogging World (Part 2)

Somewhere in January 21 to be specific, I imposed myself on you as the electoral commissioner in this blogging world going ahead with an election. As a combined electoral commissioner like Veeravalli in India, Jega for Nigeria and Gyan for Ghana, I therefore with all the powers invested in me announce the results.

Anyway, for those who missed the post or had somehow forgotten about it; this is it. I mean the link to the post and please bear in mind voting have close. Hahaha! President of the Blogging World. Please vote once!

Now the results. I know you’re somehow tense and eager to know about the outcome but please hold on whiles I share with you what my good friend Little Johnny is going through. Do you know he is sick? Listen what transpired between him and his doctor.

Little Johnny: Doctor, I am always feeling weak.

DOCTOR: (gives him a medicine) you must always take four table-spoonful of this medicine before every meal.

Little Johnny: Ok Doctor, but there is one problem.

DOCTOR: What’s the problem?

Little Johnny: I have only three spoons at home.

Hahaha! So what do you suggest he does? He only has three table-spoons at home and that is a headache for my good friend as the doctor is saying he needs to take four spoonfuls.

I guess this is something which needs to his own ‘wahala’ not ours and don’t forget I am writing this post as your self-imposed electoral commissioner in this blogosphere. I do hope there is no scheme to overthrow me ooo! Hahaha!

Now back to business as usual. As I was saying, the results are now in and this is how it goes. Out of the lot, we had 4 candidates vying for the prestigious post and as you know, we can only have one president at a time in any given country. Madam Ileane’s reign was over and so obviously there was the need for a replacement.

There was a total was a total of 22 votes. Some were confused and didn’t know where to place their votes so were more or less like leaves in the wind, they were being carried anyway by the wind.

Out if the 22 votes, 3 of the votes were nullified simply because either the person voted for two of the candidates or voted more than once whiles the instruction was simple; vote once! Hahaha!

Here comes the audited result;

1. Harleena Singh- 9 votes representing 40.9%
2. Nosa Ero Nosa – 4 votes representing 18.2%
3. Pat Flynn            -2 votes representing 9.1%
4. Harsh Agrawal- 4 votes representing 18.2%

Ballot spoilt- 3 representing 13.6%

So in all, I don’t you need a rocket scientist to tell us who the winner is. I therefore declare Madam Harleena Singh with Aha-now as the new president-elect in this blogosphere. Hahaha!
Let us watch out for her acceptance speech in no time. The swearing in will be coming on in no time.

Once again, let us move back to business as usual for us to decipher the main issue on board and it is no other issue other than appointing ministers to help our Madam President. So what are the various ministries?

Minister for Long Comment Affairs: Madam Adrienne Smith of
Deputies: Andrew of and Mi of

Minister of Blogger’s Affairs: Enstine Muki of
Deputies: Akahaan of and Okto of

Female Sexy Minister with Words: Madam Lisa of InspiretoThrive
Deputies: Madam Shiwangi of Pensitdown and Madam Nirmala of mymagicgundas

Male Sexy Minister with Words: Ravi Chahar who is in love with
Deputies: Still thinking about them. Hahaha!

Minister for Foreign Travelling and Enjoyment: Mr. Ryan Biddulph who blogs from Paradise with

Ministers who love Blogging more than their Jobs: Mr. Kulwant Nagi who caged himself in blogging with Bloggingcage, Atish who is tricking the world with Techtricksworld, Dok Simon of Blogging Engage, Rakesh of Binary Note, Don Pondurm and the list goes on and on!

Minister for Laziness: Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
I still continue to hold that position. Who wants to be my deputy? I guess no one. Hahaha!

Your Turn Now!

What did I miss in there? I guess I have missed a lot and your addition by way of comment is very well welcome. What do you make of this? I guess my position as a self imposed electoral commissioner isn’t compromised. Hahaha!