What Makes Blogging Look like Proposing to a Lady Fair in Complexion?You will never know how close you are to success before you give up and I just don’t know why this keep popping up in my head. But all in all, another day has dawn on us and as usual Kabenlah.com has to produce whether I like it or not; for if for nothing at all I owe you guys to write and for my advertisers to continue channeling out what they expect from me.

Please can you kindly welcome Mr. Lynn Jones of Lenked.com to Kabenlah.com? His banner has being here for some time now and I decided to dedicate this post to him but I have decided to dedicate a full post to him in one of these days. He is one of the finest men anyone could work with.

Let me be sincere with you, I just don’t feel like writing today as the fair lady I am pursuing here has plans for us to go for a walk today. I find myself in the village and it appears I won’t be leaving in anytime soon all in the name of fair lady. Hahaha!

So can you tell me how blogging relates to proposing to a fair lady? Blogging is of course just like proposing a lady who is fair in complexion. I mean it!

But don’t you think it will better to find out what is happening to Little Johnny? Good!

Little Johnny was chilling with his girlfriend when she excused herself to attend to something else but left her phone behind.

A while later her phone rang and Little Johnny looked at the caller ID…it read; Fool 32. He laughed so hard then he thought about calling her phone just for kicks.

Unfortunately the caller ID read Fool 98…Little Johnny broke down in tears!

Hahaha! So with that disappointment hanging around his neck, his phone rang instead and it was from one of his girlfriends calling to invite him for dinner at her house so he left the scene as quick as possible.

Little Johnny quickly rushed to the house only to find out the dinner was going to be between him and the girl’s parents as well.
While they were eating, it started raining heavily, so the girl’s mother said; “Little Johnny, I think you should sleep over here because the rain shows no sign of stopping anytime soon”

After eating, the mom went to the lavatory and the father went to sleep while the girl went to the kitchen to clean the plates.

When the girl and her mother returned to the sitting room, Little Johnny was not there, they checked all over the house and did not find him.

As they were wondering what might have happened to him, he walked back into the house, really soaked in the rain and with a plastic bag.
Girl’s mother: Where were you and why are you so wet?
Little Johnny: I went home to get my pyjamas ma!

Hahaha! Oh! Little Johnny, another trouble again?

Let move back to business as usual and please where was I? I think the issue on board has to deal with what makes blogging look like proposing to a fair Lady? I forgot myself for a while as I just received some sweet good morning message from that fair lady in my dreams. Hahaha!

Let be serious here now! These are my reasons;

  1. Proposing to a lady fair in complexion isn’t something for the faint hearted just like Blogging

To be honest I never believed that saying which went something like this; ‘Faint hearts never win fair ladies’ but with time I have come to realize it’s true. It takes courage to win anything and blogging is of course no exception.

Courage in blogging isn’t just behaving like the snail that quickly enters its shell anytime it comes across a little obstruction. Writing and hitting the publish button isn’t just courage in blogging but instead writing what you feel like writing and making sure even those who don’t intend to read reads it is what I see as courage in blogging.

Just don’t allow the criticisms, I mean the negative criticisms get into heart and the positive ones get into your head as well. For allowing those lovely messages to get into your head is more or less a recipe for disaster. You’re likely to end up just like the others.

  1. Competition is around fair ladies and so there is in Blogging as well

It is funny how many guys go about things when approaching ladies. Some do so with their cars while others with their mobile phones and all sorts of gadgets all in them of winning a lady and that of course portrays competition.

I quite remember whiles I decided to approach that fair lady, many of guys suggested I go in with my Windows Phone but that really funnied me.

I have parked that Windows Phone somewhere and what I am currently using is one Samsung phone and the best one can get from that phone is a radio and torchlight. Hahaha!

I do hate it when walking by roadside I have my head buried in my phone simply because I have to reply to this or that on Facebook or whatsapp message so the best option is to move from being ‘smart’ to an ‘unsmart’ phone.

So why then go in with flashy when there is competition reckoning? The best remedy in overcoming and coming out victorious in any competition is to just be YOU and staying calm.

Some competitions a blogger faces are to build a high Aexa ranking and to be honest with you I don’t believe in Alexa as means of measuring a blog’s success. I quite remember as a newbie blogger, I was so much interested in having a ‘reputable’ alexa ranking so worked really hard to move this blog to an Alexa of less 50k but the question you need to ask me was this; how much did you earn at the end? Absolutely nothing other pride in some numbers. Hahaha!

When faced with competition, just stay your cool as I earlier reiterated. The probability of you crashing anytime you rush when competition is reckoning is 99.99%. Advertisers are interested in the quality you’re delivering and not in any numbers.

  1. Your Turn

Please it is now your turn to take over the mantle. What do you make of this? Your thoughts are very well welcomed by means of comments.

I need to go now. I do hope by now you know where I will be heading towards now? Hahaha!

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You will never know how close you are to success before you give up and I just don’t know why this keep popping up in my head. But all in all, another day has dawn on us and as usual Kabenlah.com has to produce whether I like it or...