Where to get an AdSense Account within 2 Days?

My previous post was how to protect your Adsense Account? But I received a message from this dude lamenting to the fact that he hasn’t gotten an Adsense account in his entire life before so reading a post as to how to protect it was all in vain and so this is what he asked, how do I get an Adsense account? But the question I intend answering is this instead; where to get an Adsense account within 2 days?

Where to get  AdSense within 2 days. Did I just say within two days? I GOT my AdSense account within 24 hours and mind you, I’m not based in the US or Canada. Somewhere on the shores of Ghana, that’s my location. I simply applied for Adsense with just 3 posts on my site and on the following day, Google Adsense simply replied by requesting me to put some codes on my site and within some few minutes I just saw ads. Simple!

Many bloggers have several reasons and ways as to how to apply for an AdSense account. Some will tell you to have a minimum of ten posts, whilst others might rattle in with all sorts assumptions. Some blogs advise that, in order to get Adsense, your blog must be at least 6 months old.

Yes, this might somehow be applied to our fellow bloggers from India and other Asian countries. But today, I’m here to tell you how to get an Adsense account within 2 days whether you’re from India, China, Russia or even from the moon or from the planet Mars. I think that’s the planet scientists are yet to prove to have had life since the soil there has being found to support life.

Okay, let’s us now get ready to explore the main the reason why we here. As we all know, blogging is a platform to express our thoughts and obviously say whatever is on mind. The question is, do you blog for blogging sake? Just for fun? Or you do see yourself as a PROBLOGGER with a lot of experience? Anyway, who is a problogger? Is it someone who just provides  a lot of free and quality information? Or someone who spreads quality information and also earns a lot of money from what he does? I’m certainly for the latter.

I’m not against you being for the former or whatever. After all, there is no harm monetizing your blog as long as you’ve provided quality. Some people are skeptical placing ads on their site. That’s not me and obviously not Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome. Pat makes more than a fortune from just placing ads on his sites. Read his monthly reports and you’ll find out what I’m talking about.

So unto those of us who desperately need AdSense account, this is it! The answer lies within here. IndiaStudyChannel.com is the key to unlocking your AdSense Drought.

About India Study Channel
IndiaStudyChannel.com is an educational portal providing reliable and comprehensive information on educational institutions, examinations, education system, exam results, entrance examinations, previous years university question papers etc.

Members can participate in a discussion forum which will be reviewed by an English expert and will help members to improve their English skills.

Also, members can earn revenue through various sections of this site by contributing content like your previous years question papers, submitting educational news etc.

In most sections of this site, you will earn Google Adsense Revenue. In some sections like previous years question papers, we will pay you in cash in addition to the Google AdSense revenue sharing program.

So what do you do?

Just sign up there and the next thing to do is to get to the gold level and within 2 days, your Adsense account will be ready!