Why I Stopped Reading your Blog Posts?

Here comes another day and time and as usual when you have no option than to just sit down and write, what are you going to do? The day is somehow clumsy here as it has been raining all day today. How has yours been as well?

On a more serious note, let move back to business as usual. Have you ever thought of this with respect to why someone might decide not to read your blog posts again? Come again, give it a thought. Why will someone stop reading your blog posts? But as usual; this post wouldn’t be complete without telling you about my good friend Little Johnny and why is now heading towards the police.

I think he was too kind to heed to this advice after he had read it. Do you believe anything you read? I guess you might be careful of the things you from today on wards when you find out what happened to Little Johnny.

Little Johnny, a thief, finally got to the safe(where money is kept) and was so pleased to find a note which read “Please don’t use dynamite, the safe is not locked. Just turn the knob”

He did so and suddenly a heavy sand bag fell on him and the alarms started.

As the police carried him out on a stretcher, Little Johnny was heard moaning, “My confidence in human nature has been rudely shaken”

His confidence in human nature has obviously being rudely shaken. Hahaha! He isn’t of course going to believe everything he now reads.

Now back to business as usual, why I stopped reading your blog posts is of course the issue on board today?

Why I stopped Reading your Blog posts?

1. You see me as a Robot

Many bloggers of late are very much interested in search engines instead of writing with humans in mind first. Why should I continue reading your blog posts when you see me as a robot; one of Google’s animals? As bloggers, the zeal to get more traffic coming in from Google leaves many writing in the language of Google ignoring their own readers. This of course makes your blog posts boring and one thing becomes clear at the end, your readers go and come back no more.

What to do? Please make it a point to write with your readers in mind. They make up your blog. Over-concentrating more on keywords in your quest to lure traffic from search engines the more makes your blog look boring at the end. Hence that same traffic you want come and go and come no more.

2. You’re busier than the busy-bee

How often do you respond to your comments or emails? Another reason which will keep many away from reading your blog post is not responding to comments. How do you feel when fellow bloggers respond to your comments on their blog posts? So why don’t you do same to your readers?

I guess you’re going to give that flimsy excuse that you’re busy. Even the busy bees makes time to produce some honey so why that excuse of yours?

What to do? Always make it a point to reply to those comments on your blog and those emails shouldn’t be left out as well.

3. You love my email address more than me

Hahaha! I really find it difficult to understand, after the pop up for an email subscription, there is the likelihood of an all blackout subscription for me email address once again. Are you interested in me or my email address? The money they say is in the list but it comes after quality had been delivered.

What to do? Be more interested in your readers not just their email addresses for it is human beings who are behind these email addresses.

What makes you stop reading those blog posts on that blog?

It is now your time to take over. What are your thoughts and what do you make of this post?