Why there is now a Donate Button on Kabenlah.com?I have come a long way as far as blogging is concern. I have seen many bloggers come online and only few continues to blog but the question I ask myself is this; what happened to the others? And one thing which distinguishes between them and those who has succeeded is support.

Can I cite myself as an example? I for instance started blogging when the debit card system in my country was really poor. It took almost a year to just to acquire one. So far as getting to online was concern, I had no option than to rely on using libertyreserve but the problem was, the big companies don’t accept it so therefore made it really difficult just to acquire a single domain.

One therefore had no option than to rely on small companies for domain names and web hosting which was always of low quality. Your blog could be hacked at anytime and downtime was really high.

Things really became worse when Libertyreserve was shut down for money laundering. I lost all my cash through it. I think I made this evident in this post of mine, Emmanuel in deep sh*t. And the support I received were simply marvelous.

I would had quit blogging during that time but with the likes of Mr. Suresh Khanal now of ICTTRENDS offering to host my blog for as long I wish, I couldn’t cry anymore. He was the one paying for my hosting for more than a year until I had raised enough cash and got my own debit card.

I received lots of support from people with devise backgrounds. The likes of Madam Marilyn Cada and Babajide were all behind me.

These were some of the comments from the likes of Madam Sue and several others.

Sue Neal – June 2nd, 2013 at 5:07 pm

Hey Emmanuel,

I don’t know how on earth I’d cope with a blow like this and I admire you for sharing your experience in this post. At the moment you must be feeling shattered but hopefully, in the months and years to come, you’ll be able to look back on this as something that’s made you stronger, as Ryan suggests.

You’ve lost a huge amount of money – it’s not trivial at all – so it would be understandable if you felt full of despair, but your positive attitude is fantastic and will stand you in good stead.

One of my favourite personal development lessons is that it’s not what happens to us that makes us – it’s how we REACT to what happens. We don’t always have a choice about the cards life deals us, but we do have a choice what to do with them and how we respond – I’m sure you’ll triumph, Emmanuel, despite this setback – maybe even because of it.

Having said that, I feel full of anger, on your behalf, about the greed and wickedness of those responsible for your loss and hope that you and the other victims will receive some recompense.

My thoughts are with you, Emmanuel, and I hope the supportive comments you’ve received in response to this post will give you some comfort and encouragement.

Take care – I wish you the success and happiness you deserve.

Adrienne – June 3rd, 2013 at 9:57 pm

I’m sure you’re still reeling from this news Emmanuel and I’m so very sorry this happened to you. I’m sure that with time you’ll get some type of news on how the innocent that got caught up in this mess can claim their funds. I would hope that would be the case.

To me that’s still a lot of money when you’re worked so hard to get that much. No laughing matter for anyone my friend.

I agree with Sue though, you need to move forward and it’s how you react to this that will make all the difference. I mean having anger and hatred in your heart will do not one any good. I’ve had things happen to me in my life as well where I wasn’t deserving of it but I was a casualty of a much bigger picture.

Our hearts are with you Emmanuel and thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing this with us. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


JamesW – June 3rd, 2013 at 6:47 pm

Hi Emmanuel, I’m really sorry to hear that. I’ve been visiting your blog and you’re a great blogger. I’m sure you will figure something out. If you do find the solution, put some donation button on your blog, I will be the first to help 

And there were several other messages. I received lots of donations at the end from the likes of Babajide and James and from several people who helped me in one way all the other.

So why is kabenlah.com receiving donations?

There are many bloggers online who just need web hosting or have no cash in general to offset a pending domain or web hosting bill and that is when kabenlah.com comes in.

I would love you to help me to help these guys. I receive one or two messages from various bloggers with devise backgrounds almost on a daily basis with respect to why they think of calling blogging a quit as they have no cash to offset their impending bills.

This obviously becomes frustrating and at the end, leaves many hanging in limbo as to whether to move with their blogging lives or quit and at the end, they quit!

That is why I need your support with respect to helping me raise some cash to help bloggers who are facing challenges as far as blogging is concern.

It could be taking half of their expenses whiles they take care of the other half or depending on their situation, if the funds are there, kabenlah.com could simply take over.

We need more bloggers in this blogosphere of ours to enhance a healthy competition. So your maximum support and love is needed.

You can donate here.

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I have come a long way as far as blogging is concern. I have seen many bloggers come online and only few continues to blog but the question I ask myself is this; what happened to the others? And one thing which distinguishes between them and those who has...