The word ‘MADNESS’ is also found in Blogging.

By | 8th January 2014

The word ‘madness’ is also found in Blogging as well. Sooner than we all thought, we are almost in 10 days into the month January and in no time January will be over but I guess the madness will continue.

Let us have a look at the madness that transpired between Little Johnny and an interviewer as his quest of getting a new job in 2014 is still on.

Little Johnny VS Interviewer!

Interviewer: There are 500 bricks on a plane. You drop one outside. How many are left?

Little Johnny: That’s easy, 499

Interviewer: What are the three steps to put an elephant into a fridge?

Little Johnny: -Open the fridge.
-Put the elephant in.
-Close the fridge.

Interviewer: What are the four steps to put a deer into the fridge?

Little  Johnny:- Open the fridge.
-Take the elephant out.
-Put the deer in.
-Close the fridge.

Interviewer: It’s lion’s birthday, all the animals are there except one, why?

Little Johnny: Because the deer is in the fridge.

Interviewer: How does an old woman cross a swamp filled with crocodiles?

Little Johnny: She just crosses it because the crocodiles are at the lion’s birthday.

Interviewer: Last question. In the end the old lady still died.

Little Johnny: Err….I guess she drowned?

Interviewer: No! She was hit by the brick.

Interviewer: Little Johnny, please, You may leave now!

Hahaha! So there is some sort of madness in the interview room  as well. At least Little Johnny somehow proved it. So what are some of the madness in the Blogging arena?

And I guess there are numerous of them. How on earth will this happen? Will what happen? I think that is the question you will be asking yourself.

Let me stop holding you in suspense and move straight to the point. The first madness that comes in mind blogging is this;

A newbie blogger with just a 2 day old blog telling the world how to make $1000 with Adsense whiles he is yet to make a penny.

Is that not insanity? That is of course madness!

– Another interesting madness cutting across the blogosphere is a blogger telling you not to do this or that but you evidently finds him doing the exact opposite.

One clear scenario are bloggers who are in way or the other be lambasting the use of pop ups but at the end, end up coming up with those annoying email subscription buttons and Facebook like widgets.

Don’t just be a preacher but be the doer as well.

Your Turn

I know this is likely to be my shortest post but what matters most is what great people like you makes of this post? Your thoughts are very well welcomed. What in your own opinion are some of the madness in this blogosphere?

75 thoughts on “The word ‘MADNESS’ is also found in Blogging.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      I am obviously going to check that post of yours.

  1. Kelvin

    Hahaha. Nice article. That joke was funny and it made me realize that truely , there’s madness in blogging. Another madness is a 3days old blog teaching ‘How To Get An Approved Adsense Account’ when the blog can only ‘Dream’ of having one @that stage.

    I’ve been to this blog once but didnt comeback because i couldnt remember the domain url. Now that i’ve found it i’ld definately bookmark it.


    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hi Kelvin,

      Thanks for your comment and I hope to see you around more often now that my blog as being bookmarked.

      Thanks once more!

  2. Siddharth Sharma

    Hahaha! Emmanuel
    It’s really Amazing Article. once again you shared amazing On

    I really enjoy lot in reading this.

    thanks :)

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      That is true Adedotun. Those empty barrels make the most noise.

  3. Obasi Miracle

    Hi Emmanuel,

    I am happy that you are blogging about this already in the new year, I’m particularly amazed at how most of this bloggers manage to mislead their followers.

    It is particularly bad to give advice you are never going go follow except you plan explaining your reasons for not wanting to follow it.

    The most annoying of all these madness is reviews done by bloggers nowadays, they will never inform you they were paid to do it.

    They just go ahead and coin their followers into buying products they wouldn’t want to recommend to their girlfriends.
    Obasi Miracle recently posted…Why We Moved from to 3ptechies.comMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hahaha!Going for reviews which they wouldn’t even recommend for their gfs. You’re funny!

      Thanks for your comment bro.

  4. Arun Kallarackal

    Hey Emmanuel,

    I just read about bloggers putting forward fake claims in a bid to grow their business on Enstine Muki’s blog yesterday! Ya, I saw him mention that post in the comments here.

    And here I’m, reading this post, where you mentioned newbies bragging about something they haven’t accomplished! It is also like faking income reports.

    Both the instances are good examples of lying! Ya, I’d compare it to madness, because, in the long run, It’ll prove harmful to them :)

    BTW, Little Johnny’s interview was entertaining :)

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…Asynchronous WordPress Plugins and Tools for a Faster BlogMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hi Arun,

      I quite remember Enstine messaged me on Facebook telling me same. It had being a while since I visited his blog though do I quickly went there to read it.

      I think we tried carrying the same message. Thanks for your comment bro.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hello Madam Tandy,

      Thanks as well for your comment.

  5. Kumar Chandan

    Hi, Emmanuel,
    Madness continues with little Jhonny. Hahaha!
    As always, You have started it very interestingly. I love the joke with Little Jhonny and interviewer though it was an old one,Still, entertaining enough.

    Now coming to the blogging madness. Yes, it is true there are bloggers who advice not to do that and they don’t stop their self to do that.
    Thank You very much to notice those madness.
    Have a great day ahead!! :)
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…3 ways to optimize your Facebook brand pages.My Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Do have a great day as well Kumar and thanks for your comment.

  6. Heru Prasetyono

    Hi Emmanuel,

    It is easy to say but it is difficult to do. Yeah, we can find madness anywhere.
    It can be something funny. On the other hand it is sometimes ironic that someone may recommend something that he does not do for himself. And that’s it we take it for granted.
    Good posting!
    Thank you very much.
    Heru Prasetyono recently posted…Computer Skills We Need For BloggingMy Profile

  7. Sunday

    Quick thought Emmanuel, one of the “madness” in the blogosphere is Google penalizing sites for spamming links but letting some big websites escape the ‘right’ penalties just after 10 days ( cases study – RAP GENIUS). I still feel Google is doing double standard in its guidelines. ( I hold nothing against RAP GENIUS, though)

    I left this comment in where I found this post bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hi Sunday,

      Hahaha! the madness from the end of Google is very had to explain.

  8. Cephas Kofi Betadayz

    It is very surprising that 2014 is moving too fast. How could i have not seen this post very fast. Anyway i still see and witness the madness exibited by so many bloggers. An example is a so called pro blogger telling a newbie not to click on his ad-sense ads but he latter and secretly change ips and click on it. 2014 is fast moving but the madness in blogging is not fast moving from its victims.
    Cephas Kofi Betadayz recently posted…How Can We Make 2014 A Better Year?My Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Yes boss, the madness still continues to live in!

  9. Akaahan Terungwa

    Hello Emmanuel,

    I thought I was the only one that was tired of this madness! The one that really pisses me off is the advice on making money blogging when in the real sense, they haven’t made a penny themselves!

    I have also noticed another variation: bloggers write about lowering your Alexa rank and when you check theirs,it’s something like: 4,676,897. If you know the way out, why have such an Alexa rank in the first place?

    There was once a blog that was teaching how to build 5,000 backlinks in a week. Guess what? It had only 7 links pointing to it!

    When I come across any mad blogger or such claims, I simply use the red button and never bother visiting that site again. Ever!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO BEST MONETIZE YOUR BLOG/WEBSITEMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hahaha! There is more madness in this blogosphere. You use the red button and never visits them again? Hahaha!

  10. Wilson

    Hahahahah…. I must say… little Johnny isn’t really little: D…. amazing responses to the interview’s questions..

    anyway back to the main point….. the blogosphere has been corrupted with some people who claim to be “Pro Bloggers” writing crappy contents to the internet…. its really MADNESS.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      wow! Wilson, it is really nice seeing you as well.

  11. Nirmala

    Yeah, blogging seems with madness these days.

    I too came across an incident like the same. A blogger with the post “How to get more comments” received no comments for more than a month. After long days, a blogger came with a comment “Not even a single comment for this post, am wondering”

    I would say that blogging needs to have some qualities. No need to be too perfect with those, at least they should posses the basic skills.

    Thanks for this post Emanuel :)
    Nirmala recently posted…Tips For Marketers To Do Successful Content CurationMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Thanks as well Madam Nirmala for your comment. It appears there is more madness in this blogosphere than anywhere else.

  12. sohail

    Well indeed you are right about the madness of blogging, some times I feel like I’m just mad because most of the works can’t be completed some times.


    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hahaha! you’re not Sohail. You’re one of the finest bloggers in this blogosphere.

  13. marilyn cada

    hi kabenlah. speaking of madness, i just recently posted an article about scams claiming that internet users can earn 125 dollars per day without any skills needed. that is what i call madness. earning such income require skills in freelance writing (a skilled freelance writer name Onibalusi earns 5000 dollar every month) as well as affiliate marketing (real gurus in affiliate marketing)

    but saying that earning such income requires no skills, that is madness and yet still many people believe in it.
    marilyn cada recently posted…How to Recognize Make Money Online Scams?My Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      There is of course madness abound everywhere. How can one be earning $125 per day without any skill?

      Thanks for the add up Madam Cada.

  14. frank joseph

    I enjoy the article, and somehow i love reading short post 😀
    Come to think of it, johnny did well with the questions and i guess the ‘madness’ is everywhere?

  15. James

    Hi Emmanuel,

    what an interesting topic and content!!

    I concur positively well with Ensitne Muki…2013 has ended but the madness continues.

    As for bloggers faking their report, who are they deceiving?? time will tell, and sure yes, they kept on becoming poorer as Enstine declared.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a prosperous new year.
    James recently posted…Modern SEO: The end of social bookmarking websitesMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Do have a prosperous year as well bro! Thanks for your comment.

  16. Jeevan Jacob John

    Practice what we preach, right? 😉

    I haven’t particularly claimed things like that (Maybe because I wasn’t interested in making money…blogging was a hobby to me. And I think that’s why I was able to avoid many of the mistakes most new bloggers make).

    But, I haven’t practiced what I preached (both in life and in blogging). I am paying a little more attention to it (well, to what I say and I do…I try to make sure I follow my own principles. If I don’t do it, experiment with it, how can I convince my readers to do it? Plus, how can I even expect my readers to take action?).

    Anyways, thank you for thoughtful post, Emmanuel :)
    Jeevan Jacob John recently posted…Goals, Resolutions and Motives – Why?My Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hi Ryan,
      Dong things your own way is what matters a lot. Thanks as always for your comments.

  17. Amy Hagerup

    HI Emmanuel, This is great! I loved the interviewer story. You kept me reading. Yes, there is a lot of madness in blogging. Lots of hype. I don’t like hype at all. I think we need to brand ourselves and speak from our core. I tried to have 3 different blogs on three different topics each having to do with who I am, but now I brought them all together and am free to be who I am to everyone who follows me. My topics are faith, health, and marketing – so I am bringing all those together! By the way, we lived in Ghana for 20 years (Kumasi and Tamale). We love Ghana! Blessings, Amy
    Amy Hagerup recently posted…Six Blog Home Page Tips for a Healthy BlogMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Wow! Madam Amy, you’ve lived in Ghana for close to 20 years? That’s great.

      Thanks a lot for your comment and I hope to see you around when you come to Ghana.

  18. Sanket Patil

    Ha Ha Ha, that was amazing and find it funny too. Even I found there are so many blogger who don’t even follow the steps that are explaining in their blog post regarding some optimization when I check their blog they are doing something else.

    I remember one post in that blogger giving tips how to get approved by one of the highest paying advertising media (not ADSENSE) and he has not yet approved by them (LOL).

    This post me give some JAW exercise.
    Sanket Patil recently posted…Hidden Benefits of Google Authorship for SEO RevealedMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      You can’t be serious! Hahaha! Jaw excercise?

      It is funny how newbie bloggers continue to channel out those posts of theirs.

      Hi Sanket, thanks for your comment.

  19. Kumar Gauraw

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Talking about fake claims and fake gurus on the internet, it is not “some” word that describes it well. Actually, there are “so many” of them and like one of my friend said it well,”We hate those people with a passion that is rare to find!”

    My philosophy is, I can’t avoid running into such people all around the internet and in the business world. So, I go by what they do and not by what they teach/preach. And another thing is, do not do what they do :-)

    Great post for a new year! Have a great new year!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…Top WordPress Plugins For Your WordPress Blog [Updated]My Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Thanks a lot Kumar for your comment. Do have a great year as well.

  20. Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    In 2013, I visited one of the blogs with little or no comments. As I perused his site, I saw something that drew my interest; it was a post on how to make your site more interactive. I gasped for breath for a few seconds before getting hold of myself again.

    This was somebody who apparently needed help on how to bring people to his blog to read and leave their comments. He was posing as a tutor or call him an expert if you like. The madness will never stop.

    How about the one who wanted to show me how to drive traffic to my site? I visited his blog, my Alexa ranking was far better than his. I drew it to his attention and he started ranting. Eventually, I decided to see what he had to sell. I ended up paying for a software I used and dumped in my early years of blogging. The software was useless to me, but I was able to identify him as one of those fake sellers out there.

    Thanks for this post at this time of the year. Have a lovely new week.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted…Killing The Fear Factor in Business StartupsMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Do have a lovely week as well Joseph and thanks for your comment as well.

  21. Sam Adeyinka

    Hey Emmy,

    Why is it that I’m always late to the party? Well, I guess it’s better late than never. :)

    Oh you are so damn right! There is a whole lot of madness in blogging and it always bothers me how a newbie blogger, who just started a blog a week ago talking about how to monetize blogs, get traffics and all other craziness.

    Well, such is life, isn’t that so, Cudjoe?

    Thanks for sharing this and I hope at least this madness stop a little bit this year….else!

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Happy birthday EMMANUEL CUDJOE | Kabenlah.comMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Hahaha! The madness is going to continue on for long and there is of course no doubt it is going to end soon.

      The madness will continue for live! Hahaha!

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      But it is funny, people hardly learn. There is one thing which clear, the madness is going to continue for long.

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Yes, that is true. Working hard and possessing a lot patience is what matters a lot.

  22. Olili Bob

    Hi Emmanuel,
    I must say i love this post, most newbies always do that even some of them so as long as asking for a very high price to design someone’s blog while there blog was designed by someone else. It’s really crazy. I am a newbie but i just settle down to learn from the pro’s rather than go around trying to decieve people. Nice post boss
    Olili Bob recently posted…Guidelines for using Word Press plugins effectivelyMy Profile

    1. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe Post author

      Who told you that? Who told you that the name Olili Bob is a newbie blogger in this blogosphere?

      You’re one of the finest bloggers in this blogosphere. Keep up doing those lovely works of yours.

      Do have a nice day bro.

  23. metz

    I do not think that the madness is unstoppable. Maybe we can get rid of it as long as we can. We can make a move, some remedy I must say. Nice share from you. I wonder if others will be alarmed.

    Anyway, I find it funny “A newbie blogger with just a 2 day old blog telling the world how to make $1000 with Adsense whiles he is yet to make a penny.”

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.
    metz recently posted…Targeting Your Mispeeled Search TemrsMy Profile

  24. Sue Price

    Hi Emmanuel

    I love the interview. Did you make it up or use something you saw somewhere? It had me laughing and I just read it to my husband.

    I Just do not get people who make false claims. It makes no sense to me. I guess like some others have said I did not start my blog thinking I would make money from it. I started it to build a network marketing business I was doing at the time. For a long time I did not even think of myself as a blogger :-)

    It is not only bloggers who are guilty of false claims they are all over Social Media too.

    Thanks for a good post and the entertainment with it. :-)

    Sue Price recently posted…Redefining Age with Jane FondaMy Profile

  25. Sam

    magnificent post, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists
    of this sector don’t understand this. You must continue your writing.
    I’m confident, you’ve a great readers’ base already!
    Sam recently posted…SamMy Profile

  26. Humpty Sharma

    Oh my goodness… Little Johnny was absolutely brilliant until the very last question. Feels sorry for him… :(

    Talking about the main theme of this article, you are absolutely right that how a 2 day old newbie reveals the world how to make $1000/month. What I think is that this is not his mistake but this is what he has actually learnt from other bloggers or gurus he could have followed. They would have told him about the hidden money in blogging and here he is just revealing that secrete to the world in his own way. Perhaps to get attention of more newbies… Hahahahaha…

    And this is how the cycle continues…:)
    Humpty Sharma recently posted…Alia Bhatt to sing ‘Samjhawan…Unplugged’ songMy Profile


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